No Cost Chanukah Gift Idea

No Cost Chanukah Gifts

I just LOVE this idea shared with me by KOAB reader, Ilana T., and I knew many of you would love it, too.

In Ilana’s words…

I made gift certificates for my older kids last year for different privileges and a special one-on-one outing with us. They loved it and really rationed out using them through out the year (they expire this Chanukah). They already asked if they were going to very more this year and my 5-year old asked if he could get them this year too.

You have to know your kids, but some of my included a manicure (by me), stay up an hour late, ice cream date with mom, pizza date with dad (we rarely go out), dinner and movie of choice – at home. Each kid got different coupons depending on what they would value.

No Cost Chanukah Gift IdeaShe even used a FREE template she found online to make her certificates. Ilana recommends Googling around, but HERE  is the one she used, along with some Chanukah stickers she had on hand.

Great idea, Ilana. Thank you so much for sharing!

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