November Monthly Meal Plan

Susie Fishbein Spinach and shells

I am far from perfect with my menu planning. But all of my shortcomings have taught me one thing: The surest way to blow your budget is not to have a menu plan.

Recently, I concluded that for me, planning a month at a time is the easiest, most efficient and least costly way to feed my family. (There are lots of other ways to menu plan, too, which I have outlined here.)

When I sat down to make this month’s plan, the first thing I noted was Thanksgiving… for which our plans are still a bit up in the air. I went ahead and penciled in Turkey Day dinner, but that long weekend is most definitely subject to change.


Monday, November 1: Tofu lettuce wraps, quinoa

Tuesday, November 2: Tuna Casserole Tuesday (it makes my 5 year old happy, what can I say?), Greek salad (it makes mama happy)

Wednesday, November 3: Sweet potato and black bean burritos (I put these at the beginning of the month, so I can make up a dozen extra to freeze for quick-and-easy lunches), homemade salsa, rice, avocado slices

Thursday, November 4: Pizza night, veggie sticks

Friday, November 5: Invited Out (hooray!)

Saturday, November 6: Invited Out for lunch (hooray!)

Sunday, November 7: Lasagna, salad

Monday, November 8: Lentil soup, no-kneed bread (look for recipe soon)

Tuesday, November 9: Tuna Casserole Tuesday, salad

Wednesday, November 10: Veggie tacos (with TVP)

Thursday, November 11: Pizza night, veggie sticks

Friday, November 12: Onion chicken, ptitim (like orzo), stir-fried veggies

Saturday, November 13: Cholent, salads

Sunday, November 14: Spinach and shells (make an extra pan to freeze), salad

Monday, November 15: Cauliflower soup, no-kneed bread

Tuesday, November 16: Tuna Casserole Tuesday, salad

Wednesday, November 17: Veggie fajitas

Thursday, November 18: Pizza night, veggie sticks

Friday, November 19: Faux Swedish meatballs, pareve mashed potatoes, salad

Saturday, November 20: Pot luck with friends (we’ll bring sides)

Sunday, November 21: Manicotti (make an extra pan to freeze), salad

Monday, November 22: Tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches

Tuesday, November 23: Tuna Casserole Tuesday

Wednesday, November 24: Taco salad

Thursday, November 25: Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green salad, homemade dinner rolls

Friday, November 26: Left-overs!

Saturday, November 27: More left-overs?

Sunday, November 28: Spinach and shells

Monday, November 29: Vegetarian chili, baked sweet potatoes

Tuesday, November 30: Tuna Casserole Tuesday, salad

Sounds good! But Mara, what’s for lunch?

In addition to planning out our dinners, I’ve realized that I also need to plan for lunches, since my 5 year-old is home for lunch this year. He is rather … particular… so I’ve let him plan the menu. It’s a rotating 5-day schedule. Don’t judge me for the lack of inspiring choices, ok?

Mondays – macaroni & cheese (right out of a box, yes), cucumbers and peppers (his choices, remember)
Tuesdays – chumus, veggie sticks and pita
Wednesdays – left-over tuna casserole, steamed veggies
Thursday – bagel sandwich with peanut butter, cut up fruit (I’ll probably have a salad or left-overs this day)
Friday – baked potato with cottage cheese and steamed broccoli

Tell me: What’s on your menu for the week (or the month)?


  1. Thanks for the ideas – especially the lunch ideas. Although, I have peanut free schools to contend with. We do a lot of quesidillas and homemade pizza bagels for school lunches. (quesidillas is a fancy name for grilled cheese in a tortilla.)

  2. I just wish my kids would eat like yours do. we have to feed them mac and cheese, pizza, or chicken nuggets or hotdogs or they don’t eat.

  3. Your menu planning is very trendy – it even made the NY Times as a way to reduce food waste!

  4. I am so jealous that you can make a meal plan for the entire month. I can’t imagine doing that because I am not a very good planner. I am still working on cooking in big batches to freeze things.

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