In honor of Tax Day, Part Deux (crazy! did you hear about that?), you can pick up a copy of my new e-book, The Better Budget Guide & Workbook for just $7.49, regularly $14.99.

Just use the coupon code TAXDAY2 at checkout.

After filing your taxes, you are probably more ready than ever to take charge of your finances.

Maybe you’re getting a big refund — and you want to be sure you spend it wisely, so you don’t find yourself (yet again) turning around in a few months and wondering what happened to the money!

Maybe you owe a decent sized chunk — and now you find yourself scrambling to cover the payment to the IRS, and still stay afloat with all your other expenses.

Whether you’re depositing a refunding or writing a check, I wrote The Better Budget Guide & Workbook just for you!

In this e-book, I will walk you through the process of taking control of your finances, breaking your negative money habits, and finally making a budget that you can actually live on!

The Better Budget Guide & Workbook will give you an actionable plan for getting out of debt, getting current on your day-to-day expenses, and saving for the future.

From this 75-page book and 47-page accompanying workbook, you will get: 
  • Simple strategies for creating a budget you can actually stick to
  • Step-by-step instructions customized to your specific needs
  • Easy-to-follow assignments that put theory into practice
  • Lessons on tracking your expenseslearning to say no (so you can say yes later when it really matters), saving for the future, and figuring out how to prioritize it all
  • Exercises to avoid budget meltdownsimprove communication
    and clarify your goals

The download of The Better Budget Guide & Workbook will be available immediately after purchase, so you can start taking charge of your finances today!

The TAXDAY2 coupon code is good all day today (4/18), and will expire at midnight CST.

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