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Audiobooks Free Trial

If you love listening to audiobooks, here’s a great way to get 3 FREE audiobooks right now.

Sign up for a FREE one-month trial of Audiobooks and you’ll get three FREE audiobooks — which are yours to keep forever (even if you cancel after your free trial).

Choose from their premium library of over 150,000 audiobooks including all the current best sellers — plus over 70,000 podcasts (all free with your trial).

Audiobooks is a monthly subscription service and you will be charged $14.95/mo after your free trial is over. However, you can cancel at any time, including during your free trial. Just be sure to set a reminder in your calendar to cancel before those 30 free days are up if you don’t wish to continue.


  1. Gwenn Musicante says

    If you get the 3 free audiobooks, then cancel before the month is up, do you get to keep the 3 audiobooks?

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