One More Way to Stay in Touch with KOAB on Facebook

Many of you have noticed that Facebook has gone and changed its algorithm again.

I’m sorry, as I know a lot of you are frustrated not to see KOAB in your feed. My old stand-by tips of “interacting” more and liking status updates aren’t cutting it. If I post more than once about every two hours, they just aren’t going to be in your feed.

I think it’s because Facebook is moving toward a paid model for “visibility” by small businesses and blogs like Kosher on a Budget. Since I can’t afford (won’t afford, too) to spend a few hundred dollars a day to “promote my posts”, they are just becoming invisible. 🙁


I’m still going to be working hard to get the KOAB Wall back into your feed. But, I’ve also decided to create a Kosher on a Budget Group on Facebook, since right now the same restrictions aren’t put on groups as they are on pages. 

It won’t be a duplicate of the KOAB wall. Yes, I will share deals and posts – but only the most time-sensitive, really “hot” ones that I don’t want you to miss out on.

Since members of the Group can post to the wall, I’m looking forward to even more interaction and connection. I love our little KOAB community and am excited to see it grow.

If you want to join the Kosher on a Budget Group, just click this link and request to join. I’m approving everyone just as quickly as I can.


  1. I would like to join the group. Thank you.

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