Open Free Checking Account – Get $152 Bonus (Thru 7/3/12)

Capital One 360 is celebrating Independence Day in a BIG way!

Right now, when you open a Capital One 360 checking account, you can earn a $152 bonus. Yes, that’s right – $152 in FREE money!

Here’s how it works:

  • Earn a $76 bonus for opening a Capital One 360 account by July 3rd at 11:59 pm EST and making a total of 5 purchases (either signature or PIN-based) using your Check Card or Person2Person Payments (or any combination of the two) within 45 days. Your $76 bonus will be automatically deposited into your account by August 22nd.
  • Earn an additional $76 for setting up Direct Deposit and have two Direct Deposits of at least $250 posted to your account by August 31st. Your second $76 bonus will be automatically deposited by September 10th.

If you’ve been reading KOAB for a while, you already know that I personally use, love and happily vouch for Capital One 360. In addition to have sub-accounts on our Capital One 360 savings account for sink funds, we also have a Capital One checking account. As I’ve said before, it’s the perfect virtual cash envelope.

We used it for a long time for our food budget, to make sure that we didn’t overspend. Once a month, we deposited our food money into the Capital One 360 checking account and then both my husband and I used our debit cards at the grocery store. You can learn more about our virtual cash envelopes HERE.

I don’t use Capital One 360 as my primary checking account and I still find it very worthwhile. It’s totally free to maintain, you don’t need to have a minimum balance, and there is free overdraft protection.

Plus, when you sign up before July 3rd, you get $152 in FREE money. That is no brainer, as far as I’m concerned!

Open your Free Capital One 360 checking & earn $152 in FREE money!

(P.S. Your bonuses will be coming at the end of the summer – perfect timing to pad your budget for the High Holidays!)

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  1. I’m so excited! I’m finally doing this right now!

  2. We don’t have any direct deposit to get the bonus. 🙁

    • Shifra – You can still get the first $76 bonus (for using the debit card) – you just won’t get the second $76 bonus. It’s still more than the regular $50 bonus. And either way… free money is … free!

      • It only shows $50 bonus. Not $76. Will they still credit the $76? Thanks, Mara.

        • For some reason, they seem to have swapped out the links early. It was done a few hours ago. I know the kids’ saving is still tracking right (the instant bonuses ARE showing up). All the communication I’ve gotten from ING said this bonus was valid until 11:59 pm EST.

  3. It definitely said til 11:59pm EST, I am just not sure the system was recognizing it.

  4. I just got my first $76 bonus deposited today, right on time! Thanks, Mara! 🙂

    Do you know if the 2 Direct Deposits need to be $250 EACH or TOTAL?

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