Oreo Grab ‘N Go – $1 Off

$1.00 off ONE package of OREO Grab & Go Cookies

There is a new, high value Oreo Grab N Go Coupon from Coupons.com – Save $1 off any one package.

I’m guessing with this coupon, you’ll be able to beat the Costco per-unit price, if you’re looking for savings on your mishloach manot.

Let me know if you have a price-check on these anywhere.
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  1. If the printed coupon says “Redeem at Walmart,” is that a true restriction, or can it be used anywhere? In your experience, have any similar restrictions been brought up and coupons disallowed? “No doubling” has been enforced, is this the same idea?

    • If it says Redeemable at Walmart, it’s still a manufacturer coupon and can be used anywhere. If you happened to have a coupon that was a store coupon (it would say on the top more than likely) then it’s only able to be used at that store. For eg. Target store coupons can only be redeemed at Target. HTH.

  2. sandy meyer says

    Are Oreo’s Kosher?

  3. For people living in CA Ralphs has Oreos on sale for .99

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