Organic & Kosher Coupon Deals: Free Cereal & Tomatoes

While we don’t eat exclusively organic, I do prioritize buying organic for the “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and veggies. My toddler gets exclusively organic milk and yogurt, and I buy organics for the rest of us when the budget allows. Of course, awesome organic coupons help make that possible!

If you think you can’t afford to buy organic and kosher on a tight budget, here are two totally free products you can get right now at Whole Foods.

Barbara’s Cereal ~ $3 sale price (through 11-9-10)

Use this Buy One Get One Free Barbara’s Cereal coupon
Stack with this $1/1 coupon by “liking” Barbara’s on Facebook
Stack with two of the $1/1 Whole Foods store coupons

= TWO FREE BOXES of cereal this week at Whole Foods!
(Thanks, Healthy Life Deals.)

You should be able to get two copies of the BOGO and $1/1 copuons, which means you could do this deal twice — for four free boxes of cereal!

Muir Glen Tomato Products ~ $.97 – 2.50+

Use this $1/1 Muir Glen Product
Stack with this $1/1 Whole Foods store coupon

= Free (or better than free) tomato paste, tomato sauce or other canned tomato


  1. Unfortunately, not all Whole Foods stores will stack store coupons with manufacturers coupons. Check with your store before trying to do these deals so you’re not frustrated.

  2. I didn’t realize that not all Whole Foods stack coupons and went to my Whole Foods to get the Barbara’s cereal… In the end, I was only able to use one coupon which still ended up being a good deal (2 boxes for $3) but I’m going to email Whole Foods and see what their actual policy is. All the stores should do the same thing!

    • Unfortunately WF doesn’t have a corporate coupon policy. When you email them, encourage them to adopt one! (I send an email every few months, when I have a frustrating experience.) Lately, my WFs trips have been super coupon-friendly, so I guess I was optimistic they were getting on the bandwagon.

      Did you have the $1/1 manufacturer coupon? And they wouldn’t let you use that with the BOGO? If so, that really surprises me, b/c the manufacturer would have reimbursed them for both of those. In the future, if you feel like you want to deal with it, you could always finish up your transaction and then stop over at customer service. (I’m working on a “What to do when your cashier is not-so-helpful” post.)

      • Ok, thanks. I had all the coupons you told us about! And they would not combine the $1/1 manufacturer coupon with the BOGO one. Oh well. I actually will use those two in my Vitamin Cottage store that has much better prices on all these products. (Not sure if you’re familiar with that store). Thanks for the tip on going to Customer Service. I’ll have to try that next time. I love your blog by the way. I’m new to all this stuff but so for it. I am a stay-at-home Mom and my husband brings in all the money so I really have to be careful!

  3. They wouldn’t let me do it at the Whole Foods here at 91st and Metcalf. Ended up getting 4 for $4 which still isn’t bad. They said I couldn’t use the coupons on the free items.

    • So, which coupons did you use, Dave? 2 BOGOs with 2 $1/1 manufacturers? I’m not completely surprised they didn’t take the store Qs, altho as I said to Chana, they have let me stack on numerous other deals in the past three or four months, so I really didn’t think this would be an issue. Grrrrr, I guess I am going to have to be more careful about “disclaimers” when posting WF deals. Sorry! 🙁

      • he couldn’t use the b1g1 with the $1 off because they are both manufacturer’s coupons.

        • I’m so frustrated for you because what the cashier told him just isn’t accurate. I bet the cashier was thinking both coupons would somehow be applying to the same product (which *is* a no-no). But the BOGO applies to the FREE one and the $1/1 applies to the one you are paying for. And the manufacturer would have reimbursed for both since they would have been properly used.

          I know it’s a huge pain, especially if you’re shopping with kids or in a rush, but I would suggest mentioning that to the customer service people. I hope that in this economic climate, WF will want to do everything they can to allow its customers to ethically use coupons. (Not to mention that this WF in particular is going to be scrambling in a few months, once TJs opens!)

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