Organize All Your Daily Deals in One Place with Couptivate (FREE)

I wish I had thought of this.

Couptivate is a new, FREE online service that organizes all your daily deal purchases. There is nothing more annoying that purchasing a Groupon with the intention of saving money – only to forget that you bought it, have it expire, and end up wasting money.

Not that I’ve ever done that.

Now, if I exclusively bought my deals from just one deal-a-day site, then it would be easy enough to track them. But I get my deals from any of a dozen – or more – different daily deal sites. Which  makes it a bit more cumbersome to track.

No more! Now, I just log into my Couptivate account and can easily link up all my deal-a-day accounts and know what deals I’ve purchased and when they are going to expire. You can even set up email reminders, in case you forget to check Couptivate.

Again, not that I would do something like that.

Right now, Couptivate can be linked to the following daily deal sites, which just so happen to include my favs (bolded, in case you were curious!):


Living Social

Plum District




Buy with me

& more

Couptivate is not perfect yet, because it’s still missing sites like MamaSource and, of course, the Jewish deal a day sites,  but they are adding more sites constantly – so maybe one day Kosher Kouponz will even be on the list!

Sign up for Couptivate here.

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