Our Rosh Hashana Menu Plan (2012)

With just two weeks until the first night of Rosh Hashana, it’s time for me to face facts – the chagim are coming!

I sat down last night and made our meal plan for Rosh Hashana, doing my best to not go too crazy.

(My plans are always more ambitious that my time and energy, it seems. So, I made a real effort this year to make a plan that would be doable – without pushing me to the brink of collapse! For those of you who make bigger, fancier, more complicated meals – more power to you! Add us to your invite list next year. ;-))

First Night of Rosh Hashana

Chicken soup with noodles
Apples & honey, rimonim

Round challah and apple pull-apart challah, with honey

Honey Roasted Chicken or Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs

Photo Credit: Shiksa in the Kitchen via Pinterest

Roasted beets
Quinoa pilaf with dried apricots & almonds
Deep dish apple pie with pareve vanilla ice cream

First Day of Rosh Hashana

We’re out at friends 🙂

Second Night of Rosh Hashana

(We’re home with family – and post-two-huge-meals-in-24-hours, I’m trying to lighten up the meal with our own version of soup-and-salad.)
Apples & Honey, New fruit

Round challah and apple pull-apart challah, with honey
Carrot ginger soup (pareve)
Honey-mustard salmon on a bed of spinach salad

Photo Credit: Simply Recipes via Pinterest

Honey cookies and homemade chai ice cream (I’m going to experiment with this recipe and our ice cream maker – I’ll let you know how it goes!)

Second Day of Rosh Hashana

Carrot ginger soup (double batch from previous night)
Round challah with honey
Apples & honey
Sweet Brisket
Honey Roasted Chicken (double portion from first night)
Lemon braised leeks
Spinach salad with pomegranate seeds, strawberries and pecans
Carrot cake with orange frosting
Honey cookies

Now it’s your turn: I’d love to hear what you are serving for Rosh Hashana. Please share your menus below!


  1. My menu is too large to post here but I have it as a note on my face book profile if anyone might be interested. Hatzlacha to all the cooks.

  2. ettie cohen says

    brina, how can i see your menu and recipes and how can i get recipes for some of the items posted here?

  3. Faigie Walter says

    Oh my goodness, YUM! I already want to try all your recipes, especially the apple pull apart challah! Can you post the recipe to the honey mustard salmon (and spinach salad if it’s not just leaves) pretty please?!?!

  4. We serve basically the same thing both days:

    Regular challah and raisin challah
    Apples and honey
    Chicken soup with knaidlech
    Cabbage soup
    Gefilte fish (homemade)
    Brisket and roasted potatoes
    Challah stuffing
    Roasted brussel sprouts one night and asparagus the other night
    Various desserts (honey cake, chocolate cake, fruit, rugalech, etc….)

    For erev Rosh Hashanah I think I might try your honey roasted chicken – sounds delicious!

  5. Impressive, very impressive. I am particularly interested in the Chai ice-cream. Our menu is not started yet (eeks!), but I am planning to pull it together this week. Since we are Sephardic, we eat symbolic foods that we then incorproate into our main dishes. Through the years we have a few favorites – date syrup, dates stuffed with almonds, leek pie, chicken with rimon, and of course the head of a fish! I need to work on my fish head….if you wait too long you don’t get a big one.

  6. I just found out a vegetarian will be joining us for the first night. Our meals are mostly meat. Typically my yom tov dinners are: chicken main dish, chicken soup (but I could find a veggie soup option) sides are house salad, cuke salad, and gefilte fish. Any ideas for veggie dishes or substitutions? Veggie soup options? Your help would be appreciated.

    • If you make a vegetarian soup, you can still do matzoh balls or noodles. I wouldn’t worry about a vegetarian main dish too much. I was a vegetarian for many years and actually LOVE side dishes. Do you do the simanim as food? You might try a black eye pees recipe. What about another grain-based dish? Maybe a rice or couscous dish, with some white beans, lentils or chick peas?

    • You could also do a tzimmes. I just do carrots, sweet potatoes, honey, cinammon, and flanken in mine, but, you could easily leave out the flanken and add some fruit to beef it up a bit.

  7. My husband announced that we are having a lean & green RH..
    In the past I have gone through 5lb bag of flour..Not this year!

    We had
    (for our vegetarians) black bean meatballs with whole wheat couscous
    Vegetarian vegetable stew

    Orange Peel, teriyaki brisket
    sesame /Broccoli/honey
    Vegetable papillotte -veggies & herbs-YUM!
    broccoli slaw
    Beet/carrot/red cabbage
    Leek patties with quinoa
    Spinach with parsnip

    Felt so light n airy that we actually ate something 3 hours later!
    Ode to a lightweight yom tov & A
    I cant believe I ate the whole thing meal..

    Dessert: pomegranete pudding with silken tofu
    Baked fruit sprinkled with cinammon..

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