Our Rosh Hashana Menu Plan: 3-Day Yom Tov

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I’m a little late in posting my Rosh Hashana menu plan, but here’s my list of meals starting this Wednesday night. I’m just hoping DD’s health holds (she’s been sick all week) so I can get all this done… plus hair cuts, house cleaning and dry cleaning. (Aren’t the chagim fun?!)

We’re very fortunate to have been invited out for three meals during Rosh Hashana. We’ll be returning much of that hospitality during Sukkot, so stay tuned for those menu plans next week.

Wednesday – 1st Night Dinner: At friends’, we are bringing dessert ~ Smitten Kitchen’s honey cake and fruit salad

Thursday – 1st Day Lunch: At friends’, we are bringing ourselves 🙂

Thursday – 2nd Night Dinner: At home, with my parents. I might try to make those pomegranate fizzes – if only I had martini glasses.

Apple Challah
Carrot Apple Ginger Soup
(I often make carrot soup on Rosh Hashana but this is a new recipe for me – I’m excited about the addition of the apples)
Pomegranate Glazed London Broil with Carmelized Onions (by the way, this is how to make pomegranate molasses – thanks, Deb!)
Braised Leeks with Lemon
Apricot Couscous
Spiced Plum Pie with pareve whipped cream

Friday – 2nd Day Lunch: At friends, we are bringing carrot cupcakes with orange frosting & candied carrot sprinkles

PHOTO CREDIT (Pinterest)

Friday – Shabbat Dinner: We’re at home, just the 5 of us. I plan to serve hardboiled eggs, fruit salad and challah. Seriously. And then put the kids to bed early.

Friday – Shabbat Lunch: At home with 8 guests (5 adults and 3 kids + our 3 kids and 2 adults)

Round Braided Challah with apple butter (I plan to cut this recipe in half)
Chicken Noodle Soup
Best Brisket
Carrot Kugel (Spice & Spirit Cookbook)
Apricot Couscous (I plan to double what I cook for Thursday night)
Sauteed green beans and slivered garlic
Green salad
Apple pie and pareve ice cream

So, what do you think? And more importantly, what are you cooking this year? If you have a blog and shared your Rosh Hashana menu plan, please feel free to include a link in your comments. Otherwise, please share your menu ideas below.

Shanah Tovah u’Metukah!


  1. We’re only doing two meals, so we’re trying to make them great!

    Wednesday night:
    apples and honey
    gefilte fish + guacamole (much sweeter than horseradish!)
    apple parsnip soup
    turkey breast
    veggie lomein
    double potato terrine
    spinach pie (brought by friend)
    sunken apple and honey tart

    Friday night:
    gefilte fish + guac
    layered chopped salad
    chicken cooked with root vegetables
    broccoli kugel

    To be added in wherever it makes the most sense:
    homemade applesauce
    butternut squash kugel

  2. Larry Lennhoff says

    I’m only listing unusual stuff:

    First day lunch: pulled brisket with siracha/hoisin sauce and scallion pancakes.
    Second day lunch: Garlic cinnamon chicken with stewed vegetables.
    Friday night: Dessert: Apple Honey pancakes.

  3. Just posting my first night:
    Starter: Cream of Potato & Leek soup, Spicy Carrot Chips (thank you KOAB) and some Pommegranate Fizz 🙂
    Main is: Honey almond cous cous, butternut squash kugel, Sweet and Sour Brisket, Moraccan Chicken, Curry Roasted Cauliflower
    Dessert : Dried Fruit and nut platter and then a Fruit Platter.( I don’t bake)

  4. I made my menu plan 16 days before RH…and then we got invited out for three meals! I’m saving one kugel for Succos, but otherwise just cutting out extra dishes.

    You can see the full 6-meal menu on my blog:

  5. I’m hosting Thursday night. We’re having Matzah ball soup, brisket (still deciding whether to go with my mom’s recipe or try something new), honey garlic chicken, roasted carrots, rosemary roasted potatoes and homemade challah (probably one plain, one apple). One of my guests is bringing dessert.

    I’ve been testing out challah recipes today (my bread machine died on me). Suprisingly, making the dough in my Kitchen Aid is really no more work then in the bread machine. I don’t think I’ll be replacing it since challah dough was really the only thing I was still using it for anymore.

    Mara, I love the weave technique, the results are beautiful, with so little effort. Thanks for posting the video.

    • I am so happy to read this comment – I remember yours from last year at this time (it is one of those that really sticks with me.) I hope that you are more settled in your community – it sounds like it.

      Shanah Tovah! xoxo

  6. Chavelamomela says

    Here’s my menu plan – we do dairy lunches when there’s 2 meals in one day.

    Wednesday eve – going out. Bringing Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars (A parave version of the toll house cookie recipe, I cut the sugar, use Coconut oil instead of butter or margarine, and trader joe’s chocolate chips) – its always a hit and freezes well.

    Thursday lunch: Salad of Arugula, feta, walnuts, roasted sweet potato slices w. balsamic vinaigrette.
    -Baked breaded Tilapia (or other fish that looks fresh on Wednesday)
    -Make your own pizza/calzone/focaccia
    -Cheesecake (someone bringing)

    Thursday Dinner: (having some vegetarians, but also meat eaters)
    Appetizer: Portobelo Mushroom Napoleons served on Brown/wild rice
    Roast in wine
    Quinoa w. leek, cucumber, and dill (I make the quinoa in the rice-maker for the fluffiest results)
    Asian Cole slaw
    Spinach-Noodle-mushroom kugel
    Roasted Veggies
    Apple Cake

    Friday Lunch:
    Honey-Mustard-Dill Salmon
    Make-your-own pasta (pastas w. choice of red, white, or pesto sauce
    Caesar Salad
    More cheesecake, fruit.

    Friday night – going out (just bringing wine)
    Shabbat Day – Bringing dessert.

  7. We’re home for all the meals, hosting for two. I’m making foods we love so we can serve them at more than one meal, and I’m also have minimalist dinners–after all of the simanim on our list, we’re kind of full! (Plus, it’s past all my kids’ bedtimes at that point!)

    Here’s a link to my weekly menu plan: http://organizedjewishhome.com/2011/09/27/menu-planning-monday-3/

  8. Just found your site and love it. We are only having people on Fri for Shabbat but here’s my menu as it stands now

    Moroccan-ish Chicken soup with Chickpeas and Zucchini
    Pomegranate Walnut chicken
    Lamb stewed with Tomatoes and Honey
    Rice and lentils
    Tzimmes (because my kids would not be happy if I didn’t make it for Yom Tov)
    Ribbon zucchini salad (someone is bringing)
    Steamed broccoli

  9. Since it’s rather late in the game to share ideas that people can actually cook before Yom Tov, I just wanted to post that I hope to make a change this year and use just a hotplate and crockpot rather than the oven and stove. After what happened in Teaneck last Shavuous, the fear of the CO2 factor got me in gear early and I have everything prepped. I just have to stop thinking that we’ll be eating ‘leftovers.’ 🙂 Shana Tova one and all!


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