Overstock Shoppers: Club O Rewards Just $19.99 with Free Shipping & 5% Cashback

Do you love Overstock? Second to Amazon, it’s my favorite online retailer.

When we moved into our new place a little over a year ago, I picked up all sorts of accent pieces for a song. I still love (window-)shopping for linens, carpets, lamps – even couches and side tables.

Like Amazon Prime, Overstock offers a special program for frequent buyers called Club O Rewards. But unlike Prime, it’s really quite inexpensive – just $19.95 per year!

And in addition to free shipping on EVERYTHING, you also get 5% cashback rewards on all purchases, plus exclusive coupons, like $10 off a $250 purchase.

If you have never bought anything from Overstock, Club O Rewards is probably not worth your $20.

But if you are even an occasional Overstock shopper – or, if you are planning a large purchase ($250+) in the coming year – the Club will more than pay for itself.

Here’s just one example. Let’s say you are planning to get a Serta 8-inch Full-size Memory Foam Mattress. Price: $285. Your Club O Membership cost is $19.95. With your membership, you will get a $10 off coupon, plus earn $10 in cash-back rewards. And you’ll get free shipping (a $2.95 savings). Your total savings will be $22.95 – which means you will have already paid for the membership, and have $3 to spare. Buy anything else during the year and your savings will be just gravy!

Sign up for Club O Rewards here.


  1. Argh! I just bought a rug on overstock.com yesterday! Oh well, at least I went through ebates!

    • Has it shipped yet? O has rocking CS – If it hasn’t shipped – call, cancel the order, buy the O Club, then reorder. 😉

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