Paleo Ebook Bundle – 5 Books for $7.40, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Ever feel like the universe is sending you a message?

I just got an email last night about this awesome Grain-Free ebook bundle sale. Since my Grain-Free posts have generated such interest, I figure a number of you will appreciate this deal.

Packed full of recipes, tips and inspiration, this collection of five ebooks will sell for just $7.40 — more than 85% off their retail price.

This bundle includes the following ebooks:

The Paleo Miracle by Joe Salama
The Paleo Snack Recipe Book by Suzanne Crawt
Eating Out and Traveling on the Paleo Diet by Aglaée Jacobs
Toadally Primal Smoothies by Primal Toad
Paleo Ice Cream by Ben Hirshberg

Here’s a run-down on what’s included in the bundle.

The Paleo Miracle by Joe Salama
In The Paleo Miracle, Joe shares a compilation of stories from people who have undergone a miraculous transformation in their health thanks to the paleo diet. The people featured in this ebook have eliminated or dramatically improved their symptoms of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, Crohn’s, and many others — and in most cases have become completely medication-free — by eating real food. And in the process, they’ve learned that when your body is healthy inside, it will automatically look healthier on the outside to — losing body fat in the process!

The Paleo Snack Recipe Book by Suzanne Crawt
For those times when you need a snack, Suz’s Paleo Snack Recipe Book has more than 75 paleo-compliant snack recipes to help you stick to a paleo diet when hunger strikes! Each recipe includes a full-color photo and step-by-step instructions, with plenty of ideas that don’t require any cooking!

Eating Out and Traveling on the Paleo Diet by Aglaée Jacobs
In Eating Out and Traveling on the Paleo Diet, Aglaée shares tips and tools to help you avoid non-paleo ingredients away from home, so you can feel at your best at all times. You’ll find dozens of meal ideas, snack lists and recipes you can prepare on the road, as well as information about cross-contamination, the use of fasting as a tool while traveling, a paleo-friendly dessert guide and tips for explaining your food preferences in social settings, as well as various printables to help you simplify your travel diet.

Toadally Primal Smoothies by Primal Toad
In Toadally Primal Smoothies, Todd Dosenberry (aka the Primal Toad) shares more than 150 paleo and primal smoothie recipes, complete with substitution ideas and nutrition information! Discover tasty flavors like coconut egg nog and vanilla almond cappuccino and more.

Paleo Ice Cream by Ben Hirshberg
With 31 delicious, healthy and nutrient dense ice cream flavors, Paleo Ice Cream is your guilt-free ice cream handbook. Armed with a love of ice cream, Ben tested and created each flavor combination by replacing the problematic ingredients and chemicals found in conventional ice cream with healthier paleo-friendly options so that you can enjoy your dessert without feeling like you’re cheating!

Note that none of these authors are kosher-keeping (as far as I know). But the beauty of a paleo/primal/grain-free diet is that it’s largely dairy-free, too. Which means that it’s pretty easy to make these recipes kosher (barring the bacon ;-).

This sale is good for one week only, so don’t miss out!


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