Pampers Gift to Grow – New 10 Point Code (Thru 9/9)

There is a new 10-point code available for Pampers Gifts to Grow Reward Program. Just log into your account and enter the code FB9TLABDAXB3912 to get 10 FREE points.

Code expires 9/9/12.

Here are some more codes you may not have entered yet:

10-Point Codes


50 Point Codes


You don’t have to be a mom or a dad to benefit from Pampers Gifts to Grow – nor do you have to have kiddos in diapers. There are plenty of universal codes like this one, and they really do add up quickly. Prizes range from coupons for free diapers to magazine subscriptions to store gift cards and high-end toys.

And here’s a super helpful reader tip on entering your codes:

Did you know you can text your codes? I signed up on the Pampers website (it’s free) and I just had to associate my cell number with my Pampers account. Now, whenever I get a new package of diapers or wipes I enter the codes into my phone 1 by 1 as I unpack them. There is an instant text back from Pampers letting me know that the code was accepted so I know there were no typos. (Thanks, R!)

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