Passover Giveaway #2: It’s Passover, Grover ~ Shalom Sesame DVD

T-8 days ’til Pesach and mommy is finding that she needs a little multimedia distraction to get it all done. Enter It’s Passover, Grover, Shalom Sesame’s newest offering in the Jewish holiday line features the irrepresable Grover as the lead character, along with a host of adorable Hollywood cameos.

My favorite is none other than Jake Gyllenhaal, playing a little hide-n-seek with the afikomen. My seven year-old thought it was a bit goofy, but my five- and almost two-year olds were completely charmed (as was their mama).

Other highlights of the 30-minute DVD include reviewing how to count to four in Hebrew (kind of basic for my sabra sons, but cute if your kids are just learning to count in Ivrit); experiencing the wonders of a Moroccan Mimouna festival in Israel; and celebrating Pesach alongside a family of olim from Ethiopia.

If you’d like to win a free copy of It’s Passover, Grover, you can! With thanks to the lovely folks at Shalom Sesame.

You have three ways to enter – the first is mandatory, the second two are optional, for additional chances to win. Be sure to leave separate comments for each one.

(1) Leave a comment on this post telling me what you are most looking forward to about Pesach this year.

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Comments will be closed on Tuesday evening and the winner will be announced Wednesday morning. With any luck, you will get your DVD by the weekend!

Disclaimer: Shalom Sesame provided me with a free copy of It’s Passover, Grover in order to facilitate my review. I was not compensated for my positive opinions, nor for hosting this giveaway.


  1. Looking forward to an end of the cleaning/cooking and actually enjoying the chag!

  2. subscribe!

  3. I am looking forward to having a house that is clean and free from cheerios deposited in every nook and crannie by my toddler.

    I just subscribed to get your emails.

  4. Just saw that they need to be sep. comments: I just signed up to get your emails.

  5. Looking forward to being done with the Pesach prep and enjoying the holiday with my family.

  6. I’m most looking forward to quality time with my family and friends …I know its unoriginal but its the truth , oh I am also really looking forward to traveling up north here in Israel and seeing spring in full bloom, thanks to some late rain we got:)


  7. already subscribe to KOAB via RSS šŸ™‚


  8. stephanie says

    I am looking forward to the baby meeting her cousins for the first time.

  9. BH
    I’m looking forward to going on a chol hamoed trip with my family.

  10. Spending time with family.

  11. I am looking forward to my 3 year old singing the first question, and my almost 2 year old singing Dayenu.

  12. I subscribe via RSS

  13. My daughter saying ma nishtanah!

  14. I have been subscribing to the RSS feed for a while now–it has been so helpful!

  15. Jennifer S says

    I’m looking forward to seeing my 3 year old sing Mah Nishtanah! šŸ™‚

  16. Jennifer S says

    I already get your email updates–love them.

  17. Jennifer S says

    And I follow you on Twitter.

  18. I am looking forward to enjoying passover in our new community with new friends. But I am most looking forward to enjoying it with our daughter who is 2. She is singing the songs all day every day getting ready for her big debut! it will be a sight not to be missed… by us ofcourse: )

  19. already a subscriber!!

  20. I’m looking forward to the break from the norm and the opportunity to retell the Exodus story yet again. I just love it!!!

  21. I get your rss feed via google reader.

  22. And I follow you on twitter. šŸ™‚

  23. I am most loooking forward to spending time with my husband and maybe going into labor! (I’m due May 5th!)

    Oh! And I already follow, like and subscribe.

  24. Most looking forward to Seder with my husband’s cousins and their kids whom my own children have never met!

  25. Already subscribed to RSS.

  26. Im looking forward to spending 8 days with my whole family squished together under one roof. šŸ™‚

  27. I get your emails

  28. I am looking forward to a dairy seder!

  29. I follow you on facebook

  30. I subscribe to your feed

  31. Chani Czeladnicki says

    Looking forward to our second year having our own seder. Last year we were newbies and it was great, now we are more experienced it should be even better!
    Follow you in twitter and emails.

  32. I already follow you on Twitter and subscribe. Love your blog! Hope to win the dvd! Have a great yontif!

  33. I’m looking forward to matzoh brie. It’s just not Passover without matzoh brie!

  34. I’m following you on Twitter (@TechyDad).

  35. I am a total sourpuss right now. I am not looking forward to anything about Pesach this year. (But, were I to win this give away, I would very much be looking forward to seeing the DVD.)

  36. Most looking forward to spending Pesach with my family and not having to do the cooking/cleaning…..

  37. Subscribed to RSS

  38. Follow you on Twitter too.

  39. Lauren Gerofsky says

    Looking forward to our shul’s large Second Seder. My husband helps out and it is a great time with friends. We see family for the First Seder, so its the best of both worlds!

    Also, found a great blog with gluten-free kosher for pesach recipes. Can’t wait to try:, search passover.

  40. Lauren Gerofsky says

    Definitely a subscriber! Thanks.

  41. This yr. Iā€™m in better mindset.
    Iā€™m thinking Gā€W more about Nissim / Miracles for Am Yisrael…
    …Sunny Days šŸ™‚

  42. I’m looking forward to having my family home. (And also meringue cookies.)

  43. I’m looking forward to spending time with family

  44. I’m looking forward to all the prepwork being done, knowing that my house is super clean, and having a seder with wonderful friends.

  45. We take an annual cousin picture each year. My three kids and my brother’s two. It is so much fun to watch the five cousins together!!!

  46. Your posts feed right into my Google reader!

  47. And I follow you on Twitter too.

  48. I just subscribed. I am happy to find your blog. We love Shalom Sesame in this house but only have vintage (Shalom Shimshon) featuring stars from mom and dad’s childhood!

  49. I’m looking foward to sitting down at our seder with all the cleaning and cooking done, just to be able to enjoy my family, thank G-d.

  50. I subscribe by email and love your blog, thanks!