Plant a JNF Tree for Free in Honor of Gilad Shalit’s Homecoming

PHOTO CREDIT: Jerusalem Post

Like many of you, I’ve experienced a sea of emotions today. My husband and I watched the live coverage of Gilad’s homecoming with a lump in our throats. (And while I won’t speak for Frankie, I definitely shed a tear or two as well.)

Also like many of you, I have extremely mixed feelings about the “trade”. Yet, because I avoid discussing politics in real life – and definitely don’t do it on the blog – I’ve remained silent on this overwhelmingly momentous (and truly, miraculous) day.

That is, until I got an email from a reader, reminding me about this lovely free tree planting initiative of the JNF’s Board of Directors. And ya’ know, anything free is so up the KOAB alley that I couldn’t not post.

Thanks to the generosity of Ronald Lauder and Stanley Chesley, JNF’s Chairman of the Board and President, and its Board of Directors, anyone can plant a tree – for free – in honor of Gilad Shalit’s homecoming after 5 1/2 years in captivity.

The offer is valid through Sunday and takes about 30 seconds to complete.

All of the tree certificates will be sent to Gilad’s home – although for his sake, and the forests’ sake, let’s hope they print a list rather than thousands of pieces of paper.

Thanks so much, Caroline!


  1. Welcome Home! Our thoughts and prayers have been with you throughout your long ordeal. Just so sorry it took so long for your release. We wish you well.

  2. Wallman Family says

    Welcome home!

  3. Welcome Home Gilad. You are brave and courageous. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Your ordeal is over. Let life begin!
    Craig and Ann Mowat
    Kwazulu Natal
    South Africa

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