Plum District: FREE One-Year Subscription to Disney’s Family Fun Magazine (Expired)

Update: I’m so sorry you guys. This morning when I posted, I did a test run and it worked perfectly – but the subscription wasn’t labeled as a “plum steal”. I triple checked that! Now, Plum District has changed the deal and made it a plum steal, which means the coupon code isn’t valid for the magazine. If you got it earlier, you should still be good. Sorry again – I hate when this stuff happens. 🙁

The deal a day site Plum District is offering up a great deal today only: Get a one-year subscription to Disney’s Family Fun Magazine for FREE!

(And you know what I say about “free” being my favorite price point….)

The subscription is priced at $6, but when you use the promo code 10today you can save $10 on any Plum deal, making your subscription totally FREE!

I really enjoy my subscription – they have the cutest crafts and recipes, which are imminently doable even for those of us that are far from crafty!

Get your FREE Disney’s Family Fun Magazine subscription here.

The 10today promo code is valid today, October 11, only.


  1. anyone else having a problem with the deal page?

  2. it says that promo codes are not valid for plum steals.

  3. abby Rigdon says

    I went on and entered the code which it said it would save and then signed up for Plum deals (first time) and it still charged me $6. Disappointed but I guess I did something wrong although I just followed through at all the prompts.

    • Abby – you didn’t do anything wrong! Plum District changed things up after their deals posted this morning (see my update above). I would contact CS and ask for a refund (you can get a subscription cheaper than $6). I’m really sorry 🙁

  4. i just did it and had no problem..used the code and got it for free..thanks for the heads up!

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