Polly-O Cheese is Now Kosher + $.75 Off Coupon

kosher Polly-O

Yes, it’s true. Polly-O string cheese has gone kosher, certified by the OU. And yes, you can print a coupon for $.75 off two packages. (As if it wasn’t cheap enough in comparison to the kosher brands!)

Many of you have tweeted, DMd and personal messaged me, to share the good news. Here’s one such email I received the other day from Brocha H in Miami.

Many of the Polly-o mozzarella cheeses are now OU-D. I just bought a family pack (24 of them) at Publix for around $8 (not on sale), which is significantly less than the cheapest price I pay even for the Natural and Kosher ones.

If you look on the OU website, a lot of their mozzarella products are now OU-D. It might take a while for them to filter in to all the stores, however, so every bag should be checked for the OU.

And, while I was looking at the OU website, I saw that a lot of the Price Chopper brand mozzarella is also OU-D. Doesn’t work for me, but maybe some of your NY, CT, PA, MA readers could use this info.

It’s been an exciting year. First Rotel, now Polly-O.

{I sure wish we could get it in Kansas City, since my poor kids haven’t had string cheese in FOREVER. (Not gonna pay $1 per stick!)}

What newly kosher certified products have your seen? Have you found any “mainstream” brands of cheese that are kosher-certified? Please share in the comments section.

And don’t forget to print your coupon! Woot woot!

$0.75 off 2 KRAFT or POLLY-O String Cheese

Thanks for the photo, Dara / Not In Jersey.



  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the coupon, I went to target last night and bought a bag of regular sticks. I had to look for the OU-D many bags still only had the K-D. I wasnt able to find any of the moz-cheddar twist, I really wanted to try that one.

  2. Kate Friedman says

    Can we all list what cities these have bene seen in? Thanks!

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