[2 Days Left!] Amazon Prime Going Up to $139/Year (+ How to Save $20 & Get an Extra Year at the Current Rate)

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Sigh. Inflation, inflation, inflation. First, the Dollar Tree became the Dollar-and-a-Quarter-Tree, then Starbucks announced its third price hike since October.

But perhaps the bigger increase that most of us will feel was announced today: Amazon will be increasing its Prime Membership from $119 to $139 per year, starting February 18th.

The increase for current members’ renewals will start on March 25th, so if your renewal comes up anytime between now and then, you’ll get another year at the current $119 rate.

If your membership renews after March 25th, however, there is still a way to lock in another year at $119 by buying yourself a Prime Gift Membership.

Here’s how it works (I’ve added in some photos, so you can see exactly what to do, as many of you have questions!):

1. Purchase a Gift Membership today at the current rate of $119 (see below):

You will get an email confirming your purchase, the title of which is “Congrats…you’ve got 12-months of Prime”. SAVE THIS EMAIL for Step #4.

2. Log in to your Prime account settings

3. Select “Remind Me Before Renewing“, which means you will get a reminder 3 days before your membership auto-renews; when you get that reminder, go back into your account and click “End Membership” to avoid it renewing at the higher price.

4. Once your current membership expires ( i.e. on the day it expires!), you can apply your Prime Gift Membership to your account and enjoy another full year of Prime at the current $119 rate. Go to your inbox and search for that email that you saved in Step #1. Remember, the subject is “Congrats…you’ve got 12-months of Prime”.  In that email, there is a yellow button link that says “Start Enjoying Prime”. Simply click that email to activate your gift membership.

If you want to get a new Prime membership, you have until February 18th to sign up at the $119 rate.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Is Prime Still Worth It to You at $139

Every person’s budget considerations are different, but with the squeeze of inflation affecting many other areas of spending as well, I can definitely understand why some folks might be thinking about discontinuing their Prime membership.

What do you think?


  1. I stopped using prime after their last increase. The few items that are cheaper on Amazon I wait till I have enough to qualify for free shipping. I found I actually spend less due to less impulse buying. I found that much of what Amazon was selling me was inferior and major label items could be found elsewhere for a similar price and sometimes cheaper. I also found that now with Covid Prime is taking too long and I have paid the same price and gotten my item quicker through other competing vendors.

    • That’s great that you found alternatives that get delivered more quickly. That is the main reason I keep defaulting to Amazon.

  2. Illume Eltanin says

    I have heard that one can buy multiple gift memberships at that price, and use them one at a time annually, as they don’t expire. I don’t know how accurate that is, though.

  3. They are an awfully greedy company. While I will probably mindlessly renew my membership, I’ve tried to get out of the habit of automatically shopping on Amazon for every little thing. My next choice is Target for many items. I have a Redcard, so I do get free shipping. But admittedly, with such a huge number of offerings, I often do end up getting my stuff on Amazon anyway. And they know that most customers are like me, which is how they have the nerve to create this increase in the first place.

    • This absolutely sucks…..on ssi and don’t get ebt….that’s the only way to get a discount ??????

    • I definitely agree with you – we are kinda beholden to them at this moment, but everyone I know has very mixed feelings about that relationship!

    • I also try to use target first. They are a nice company. It works well and when it doesn’t then I use Amazon. One can also consider getting a shipt same day delivery subscription from target. They often offer it at half off, at 50$ a year. Then you can even get groceries same day. The groceries are a decent price at target. They have so many coupons and discounts that I end up using what I saved towards the tip for the delivery person. It’s win win.

  4. Arlene Ross says

    Thanks fir the workaround suggestion for Amazon Prime price increase however I didn’t see an option to cancel auto renewal. Just to cancel membership.

    How do I find cancel auto renewal?

  5. Hedy Harris says

    how do you find out when your yearly membership is due for renewal?

    • Log into your Amazon account, then navigate to the “Prime Membership” tab (see above for a picture of where you can find it.)

  6. They’re an awful company, I think this is a sign that it’s time for us to cancel

  7. Thank you! All set!!

  8. Did everyone else have to pay $10+ in taxes?

    • M – it varies by state. If you have a state which collects sales tax from Amazon, unfortunately you will also pay on your gift membership 🙁

  9. Do you know if its possible to purchase more than one prime gift membership to “lock in” the current rate for multiple years?

  10. Gwenn Musicante says

    Hi- I have not done this before to lock in old price, but if one can afford it, can you purchase more than just one gift membership? My guess is that you would have to purchase just one at a time. Probably could do several memberships one at a time. I hate Amazon for doing this. They have so much money yet try to squeeze more out of us especially during these difficult times.

    • Gwenn – I’m with you 1000%. The more they make, the more the squeeze all of us. <3 As for more than one year of fit membership, I actually don’t think you can do that. Sorry 🙁

  11. I don’t see how cancel auto renew
    How buy as a gift and not apply it right away? Anyone so this and can walk me through what to do Please

    • Rachel — I’ve updated the post above and hopefully it’s much clearer now. Let me know if you still have questions.

  12. So put your own email in
    Hiw do you store it on your account until you need it
    Ask for email of person gifting to
    Assume put your own
    What do with email

    • Yes, put in your own email. You don’t store it in your account. You just keep hold of the email they send confirming your purchase, and then click the link in it AFTER your membership expires.

      • So purchase gift
        Use your own email and gift will be sent to your email
        Cancel auto renew and save gift email to use when ready
        It won’t expire????
        Just checking
        Can’t afford Losr money if do wrong if expires…

        • Yes, use your email BUT just go to your cart because it will be there. click on save it for later. then go to your membership and check the box that says remind me 3 days in advance [it will show your renewal date]. I’d suggest also putting the reminder on your personal calendar.

      • I disagree. It will be in your cart once you purchase it so it has to moved out of the cart before you make any other purchases. From your cart click on save for later. then go to membership as you have written above.

  13. I gave my cousin a gift membership to take advantage of this saving. Long story short, it worked BUT when she called Amazon, the person she spoke to told her it was spam – and they had consulted with 3 supervisors. Insane, right? Anyway, it’s done and we are grateful to you, Mara.

  14. Miriam Gardin says

    Question: Do you know if I’ll lose all my settings when I cancel my membership and then restart using this membership? I’ll still have my Amazon account, so the password will stay the same, but will all my Prime settings go away and have to be reset? For example, I share my Prime with my parents, and I remember it being quite a bother to get them set up to share my Household. I bought the gift membership, but it’s not worth saving $20 if it’s going to take me an hour to reset everything!! Haha!

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