Purim Giveaway #4

Hello there, Facebook friends. As an extra special thank you for “liking” Kosher on a Budget on Facebook, I’ve made today’s giveaway open only to you!

(If you missed the first three giveaways, you can catch them here: KosherWine.com, Shalom Sesame DVDs and Grow & Behold Chicken.)

In my opinion, this giveaway maybe the sweetest of all! A $30 Gift Certificate to Oh Nuts.

Now, I have a confession to make. Before I started this blog, I had never heard of Oh Nuts. Yes, I know. But I live in Kansas, in my defense.

Then in December, my son’s first grade teacher was making a HUGE deal about this AMAZING chocolate that she ordered for our kids’ Chanukkah presentation.

The kids’ presentation was good (thanks for asking), but the chocolate…. well, it was incredible. It was this stuffed pretzel type thing, that had hazelnut inside and then a hard chocolate shell on the outside. (I’m making myself crave chocolate just typing this.)

As you can imagine, when the good folks at Oh Nuts offered to give one of my readers a $30 gift certificate, I was all over it. (And I only spent like 2 seconds trying to figure out how I could rig the contest so my husband would win and I would get to keep all the chocolate for MYSELF.)

If you are the winner, you can feel free to use your $30 toward a Mishloach Manot for Purim. (They even have a section in their Purim Store with FREE SHIPPING – and y’all know how I feel about FREE SHIPPING.)

But really, the sky’s the limit. Well, $30 actually. But you know what I mean. The winner can take their thirty smackers and buy whatever Oh Nuts deliciousness floats their boat.

So, I’m guessing you’d like a chance to win today’s giveaway, yes?

Today there is just one entry per person. Just leave a comment on this post – say hi, tell me your life story, describe your favorite chocolate treat… whatever you want, just leave ONE comment.

Entries on this – and the rest of my Purim giveaways – will end on Sunday, March 13 at midnight. I will announce all the winners on Monday morning!

All winners will be selected randomly. Each person can win only once during the week-long Purim Giveaway.


Disclaimer: Oh Nuts will provide one $30 gift certificate to one of my readers. Neither I nor my family have not been compensated in any way for my positive opinions of their very yummy chocolate pretzel hazelnut things.


  1. I love your website! Thanks for all the great tips.

  2. Michelle Simons says

    Hi everyone! I am a massive nut and chocolate lover here in Michigan. In fact I love nuts soo much that this fat squirrel outside here pointed to me to his friends and said I was nuts 🙂 @MCJunkie

  3. im in oh nuts every week before shobbos!! I WOULD LOVE THE GIVEAWAY!

  4. Chocolate! Nuts! Chocolate-covered nuts!

  5. Count me in–Purim Sameach!

  6. Anything chocolate!!

  7. Hi! I love anything chocolate but Dark Chocolate covered Cashews are one of my favorites.

  8. Ooooh Oh Nuts is awesome! It’s such a test of bad impulses when I walk in to those stores.

    I love everything in that store….

  9. Chocolate? Yes, please! Purim sameach!

  10. Love the Oh! Nuts! chocolate almond toffee! YUM!

  11. YUM!!! Thanks, Mara! : )

  12. I love your blog–keep it (and the chocolatey nuts!) coming!

  13. just found your blog- fun giveaway- thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Oh, absolutely yum!!! *swoon*

  15. Hi,
    i love chocolate and we really like oh nuts! Purim Sameach!

  16. Hannah Rivkah says

    I first heard of Oh Nuts from friends from Brooklyn, The kids called it “ONuts” (rhymes with “donuts”). So funny. I sent my daughter a candy package from Oh Nuts to camp one year. It was happily received.

  17. purplelarkspur says

    What an awesome giveaway! Yummy chocolate pretzel hazelnut things sure sound good to me!!

  18. Your blog is something I look forward to. Yascher koach!

  19. I am new to your site..but chocolate and nuts …how can you go wrong?

  20. Love your blog – it is both interesting and informative. My husband and I are exploring bringing a kosher, organic meat service to the Midwest, but as of yet have not found a way to make it profitable.

  21. yael weiss says

    Love your blog…but love chocolate more!! Happy Purim! 🙂

  22. love chocolate covered nuts and raisins!


  23. Hi Mara, I have been thinking of you this week because I had my best stock-up day to date on Tuesday–I bought $69 worth of toiletries at Rite Aid for $11. A lot of that will be donated for Purim…and I got my first $10 off Amazon baby coupon from Babytalk this week too. Thanks for all the time, love and creativity you put into this blog.

  24. Thanks for such a wonderful and informative blog!

  25. Do I have to pick just one kind? I’m sorry, I cannot do that. Chocolate is a species unto its own. To pick just one would be unfair. Ask my waistline, it will tell you of my love for chocolate. 😀

  26. Scrolling down to get to the “Leave a Comment” section has made me so hungry for chocolate! Fortunately, I still have some from my last stroll through Israel’s duty free…

  27. I am lucky enough to live near an Oh Nuts and they are amazing! Can’t take the kids in there though…

  28. Thanks for the giveaway. Love your blog!

  29. I just ordered all my items from Oh Nuts last week – but I could always use more!

  30. I’m loving the success of KOAB!

  31. I love almost anything chocolate and the darker the better! My kids joke that I would probably eat an old shoe if it were covered in enough chocolate. Thanks for the great blog and the great giveaway!

  32. I’m addicted to KOAB!…sigh, I guess there are worse addictions!

  33. I so appreciate all the time and effort you put into this! Wishing you and
    yours a festive celebration. Chag Sameach!

  34. Thanks for another great giveaway, Mara!

  35. i get my daily fix of koab but wouldnt mind a fix of oh nuts along the way too

  36. I used to frequent Oh Nuts when I lived in NY. You got my mouth watering when I think about those yummy cherry sour balls. I wonder how long it would take to eat $30 worth of sour cherry balls?

  37. the picture looks so good I eat it! Another great kosher company with yummy chocolate is Illinois Nut & Candy Skokie, Illinois. I wonder if they’d provide you a sample to write about on your blog?

  38. dvora friedman says

    I religiously checked your website, now I am following you on FB. Thanks for doing the work for me – figuring out how to stack the coupons and grocery deals!

  39. Really want to try the chocolate pretzel hazelnut things!

  40. Mmmmmm. Chocolate. Mmmmmm. Pick me! Pick me!

  41. Hello! I love any chocolate treat and would go NUTS if I win. lol

  42. Oh nutz! is so yummy. We have used them for many years.

  43. I love chocolate! If i win it would at least add some good to my week. I’ve been stuck at home sick with 3 sick kids…ugh

  44. Rivkah T. says

    oooh, great giveaway. Oh Nuts has some yummy stuff!

  45. Love your blog and Love Chocolate!

  46. Really…………anything chocolate covered is good by me!! (Thanks Mara)

  47. I teach all of my children to love chocolate from a very young age..one of the very important food groups!

  48. have a freilechen Purim! I could use a win ‘cuz I’ve had a pretty horrid month…

  49. Really anything chocolate is good…….

  50. Hi! (Waving cheerfully from a distance!)