Purim Ideas | Mishloach Manot & Seudah Decorations

Purim starts a week from tonight! Are you all set with your costumes, mishloach manot, seudah and matanot l’evyonim (don’t forget about my challenge!)

If you’re still looking for some frugal-friendly ideas for mishloach manot, here are some posts you will want to visit:

If you’re just looking for inspiration (not necessarily of the frugal variety), here are some more posts to check-out:

Photo Credit: Joy of Kosher

And finally, I love the eye candy in this post about Purim Parties from Joy of Kosher. I especially love the lanterns – if not for your Purim seudah, what about for your sukkah? And would you check out those cake pops? Amazing!

Have you seen some awesome Purim ideas on a blog or via Pinterest? Feel free to spam the comments section with the link!




  1. Since my little one is dressing up as a panda, we’re doing red/gold themed Mishloach Manot. (kind of Chinese inspired colors).

    Dollar store gold napkins and red plates, they also have kosher apple juice (3/1$), i got Chanukah gelt, Bissli in the yellow bag (on sale for 0.59 a bag), and red twizzlers mini packs (purchased on sale back after H’ween).

  2. I made these hamantashen:
    I made them pareve, substituting Rich Whip for the whipping cream. They taste incredible. The leftover caramel is great too!
    For our mishloah manot I found gift bags in the Valentine’s clearance section at Target that are in the shape of a vase with flowers printed on them. I ordered 2 types of flower candy from Oh Nuts! and am either going to buy (or make if I can’t find) flower shaped cookies.

    • So glad you liked the hamantaschen! When I mention whipping cream on Kitchen Tested, I am almost always using Rich Whip 🙂 What would I do without it?!? The leftover caramel freezes really well so you can use it whenever you want 🙂

  3. Leah Sarah says:

    I’m getting married in less than 3 weeks, so my mishloach manot that I am doing with my fiance are “wedding” themed. I’m putting a ring pop and wedding cake shaped cookies in a plastic wine glass. I originally was going to include little bottles of liquor, but that would have been too expensive. I have way too many extra plastic wine cups, but they come in very handy during pesach, so no complaints here!

  4. Michelle says:

    We are doing flower themed Shaloch Manot. Pics are up on Facebook:
    A flower gift bag (Target clearance about $1.50 for 30 bags), flower candies and chocolates ($27 – but I thought I was supposed to get a $10 rebate which still hasn’t arrived), and homemade Flower Sugar Cookies (made with supplies I already had, maybe $3-$5). So for less than $35 I made 30 shaloch manot.

    • Very cute, Michelle! Love that you’re so organized already, too. I’ve got a vague idea about ours, but obviously have done anything yet!

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