Purim Ideas | Mishloach Manot & Seudah Decorations

Purim starts a week from tonight! Are you all set with your costumes, mishloach manot, seudah and matanot l’evyonim (don’t forget about my challenge!)

If you’re still looking for some frugal-friendly ideas for mishloach manot, here are some posts you will want to visit:

If you’re just looking for inspiration (not necessarily of the frugal variety), here are some more posts to check-out:

Photo Credit: Joy of Kosher

And finally, I love the eye candy in this post about Purim Parties from Joy of Kosher. I especially love the lanterns – if not for your Purim seudah, what about for your sukkah? And would you check out those cake pops? Amazing!

Have you seen some awesome Purim ideas on a blog or via Pinterest? Feel free to spam the comments section with the link!


  1. Since my little one is dressing up as a panda, we’re doing red/gold themed Mishloach Manot. (kind of Chinese inspired colors).

    Dollar store gold napkins and red plates, they also have kosher apple juice (3/1$), i got Chanukah gelt, Bissli in the yellow bag (on sale for 0.59 a bag), and red twizzlers mini packs (purchased on sale back after H’ween).

  2. I made these hamantashen:
    I made them pareve, substituting Rich Whip for the whipping cream. They taste incredible. The leftover caramel is great too!
    For our mishloah manot I found gift bags in the Valentine’s clearance section at Target that are in the shape of a vase with flowers printed on them. I ordered 2 types of flower candy from Oh Nuts! and am either going to buy (or make if I can’t find) flower shaped cookies.

    • So glad you liked the hamantaschen! When I mention whipping cream on Kitchen Tested, I am almost always using Rich Whip 🙂 What would I do without it?!? The leftover caramel freezes really well so you can use it whenever you want 🙂

  3. I’m getting married in less than 3 weeks, so my mishloach manot that I am doing with my fiance are “wedding” themed. I’m putting a ring pop and wedding cake shaped cookies in a plastic wine glass. I originally was going to include little bottles of liquor, but that would have been too expensive. I have way too many extra plastic wine cups, but they come in very handy during pesach, so no complaints here!

  4. Michelle says

    We are doing flower themed Shaloch Manot. Pics are up on Facebook:
    A flower gift bag (Target clearance about $1.50 for 30 bags), flower candies and chocolates ($27 – but I thought I was supposed to get a $10 rebate which still hasn’t arrived), and homemade Flower Sugar Cookies (made with supplies I already had, maybe $3-$5). So for less than $35 I made 30 shaloch manot.

    • Very cute, Michelle! Love that you’re so organized already, too. I’ve got a vague idea about ours, but obviously have done anything yet!

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