Purim Pictorial | Star Wars Mishloach Manot & Pool Noodle Light Sabers

I hope everyone had a wonderful Purim!

As most of you probably know by now, my kids wanted to dress as Star Wars characters this Purim. The boys picked to be Darth Vader and Yoda, and then convinced their sister to go as Princess Leia.

I decided this year to try to match my mishloach manot to our costume theme – a first for me! I was a bit daunted by the task, but thanks to your creative ideas shared on Facebook (y’all are the best!) and the wonders that are Star Wars ideas on Pinterest, I was able to pull together some cute Star Wars mishloach manot.

I’ll try to do a tutorial and share some printable downloads with you in the coming days. But I at least wanted to get some¬† pictures up today. (To see them bigger, just double click the image.)



I was also especially proud of our pool noodle light sabers (also with credit to Pinterest!).

My 8 year-old was originally super annoyed that I was making him a “fake” light saber. I kept telling him these would be even cooler that the “real” ones, to which he would grumble and roll his eyes (gotta love 8 year-olds!).

Well, guess what? After a whole day of pool noodle/light saber battles with his brother and dad, my recalcitrant kid concurred: Mommy WAS right!


I’d love to see your Purim pictures, too. Feel free to upload them to the KOAB Facebook wall!

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