Purim Roundup: Mishloach Manot Ideas, Matanot L’Evyonim + More

Purim is right around the corner – just four more days for most of us!

We’ve got costumes picked out, although I’m a little sad that this is the first year everybody is going in store-bought costumes. Well, my husband is actually making his costume, but the kids will be all pre-fabbed up.

I’ve got almost everything for our mishloach manot, and the price tag for all 25 will be under $15 total! Can’t wait to share – hope they turn out as cute as I’m imagining. And we’re gearing up for a fun seudah (festive meal) with our shul community.

If you still need a little kick-in-the-Purim-pants, here are some posts you may want to check out:

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Matanot l’Evyonim Campain – Charity for the Poor

How about you? Are you all set?


  1. I go a little crazy on Purim. I’m making 60 Shalach manot! Also what i thought would be a more frugal idea turned out to be more expensive than i expected 🙁 . I went with a breakfast theme. The cereal i got from Amazon, with subscribe and save and a coupon and that was not so bad, the bananas, bowls spoons and celophane was also realtively inexpensive. then came the milk, three stores and $50 later i wonder if it was all worth it…oh well, i learned my lesson, juice boxes and cookies next year!

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