Quick Money-Saving Tip for Pesach | Make Notes in Google Calendar

I love my Google calendar. Not only is it great for syncing up all our family’s appointments, it’s also a wonderful way to set reminders to ourselves. Reminders for things way off in the future.

Today, I got that happy little Google calendar pop-up on my phone.

Do you know what it said?

Notes for Pesach 2012

* In dairy pots and pans tub, there is sealed, unopened Pesach food – Matzah meal x3, cake meal x1, powdered sugar x1
* Unopened cinnamon, paprika, pepper (check these before last minutes in case no longer good)
* Buy new meat silverware sorter (kept that for chol)
* Rough matzah calculation – 4 lbs/person/week = 20 lbs

These are four little reminders that I made to myself last year as I was packing up our Pesach dishes and putting them away at the end of the chag. And goodness knows, I had long since forgotten about all of them!

The funny thing is, I was just thinking that I’d need to buy some powdered sugar for Pesach – good thing I made these notes to myself!

Considering that I usually shop before I’ve fully turned over my kitchen and opened all my boxes, I probably would have bought the sugar – and then found that one in the box. These notes just saved me $2 (not to mention the other left-over, unopened goodies.)

Do you leave yourself Pesach notes? If not, it’s a great habit to get in to for this year!


  1. Excellent! When I opened my GoogleDoc of Pesach menus from last year (hint: this year’s menu is almost exactly the same, although I did rearrange the days), I found a tab where I had listed our surplus from last year. It was a terrific surprise and certainly helped with our planning.

  2. Because I live in an area where it’s not convenient to go Pesach shopping during Chol Hamoed, I need to do it once, before I’ve unpacked everything. So I created a Pesach list on my computer in Excel. Every year I print it up and use it to shop. It’s got EVERYTHING I need on it, from paper plates to gefilte fish. Then, at the end of Pesach, I record on it on the computer what I may have leftover and what additional things (like cookwear) I need so I know what to buy and what not to buy again next year. Works like a charm.

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