Reader Q&A: Price Matching with Out of Town Stores

Reader Q&A

Today’s reader question comes from Becky in Chicago, who is wondering about price matching with out of town stores.

What do you feel about deal/price matching against stores that aren’t in the area? For example, my parents live in Detroit, and while I was there I perused their circulars. They have Kroger nearby, but there aren’t any Krogers within an hour’s drive of Chicago proper. Can I bring those prices to the local grocery store?

Unfortunately, Becky, the answer is no. If you live in a large city, you could probably bring in ads from within about a 30 minute driving radius, but any further than that, and they won’t price match. There is a Kroger-affiliate about 45 minutes away from me and I can’t use those ads at my Kansas City stores.

Where you can do national price-matching is at stores that offer on-line price matching. This is pretty rare, though. I know, for example, that Home Depot, Lowes and Sears all offer price matching but only on brick-and-mortar prices.

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