Reader Savings | Earned $3.85 Shopping @ CVS

I love when readers share their super coupon savings with me! Here’s an awesome CVS run from this week, courtesy of Toby in Queens.

She did a number of transactions and only spent $10.15 out of pocket, including tax. Plus, she’ll get back $10 from the Pfizer rebate and had a net gain of $4 in ECBs, making her total trip a $3.85 money-maker.

Transaction #1
Schick hydro 5 (coupon for free item)
Cadbury mini eggs 87cents promo (the mini ones are kosher – promo Sun/Mon only)
Used: coupon for free Schick hydro (Rang up as 9.99, for some reason she put in 10.49 as price; only noticed now)
Paid: $1.31 including NY tax 🙁
Received $4ECB + $.87ECB by Cadbury

Transaction #2
3 Advil @ 4.49 each
Used 3 $1/1 Advil coupons
Used $4 ecb + 50cent ecb + $.87ECB (reward from fall purchases)
Paid $4.97
Received $4ECB

Transaction #3
1 pink Skintimate $3.59
1 Old spice deodorant clearanced @ 1.62
Used $4Ecb
Paid: $1.68
Recieved $4 ECB from skintimate

Transactions #4, 5, 6
1 skintimate $3.99
Used $4ECB
Paid 34cents (tax)
Recieved $4ecb

Transaction #7 (@ 2nd CVS looking for cheap men’s deodorant)
4 right guards clearanced for $1.19
Used $4EBC
Paid $1.17
Received $4 ECB

Total $10.15 OOP
Will submit for Pfizer $10 MIR
Still have $4 ECB

Way to go, Toby!

Do you have a savings trip you want to share with me and the KOAB readers? I’d love for you to email me a picture and the details of your transaction(s).


  1. I’ve noticed that the B1G1 coupons don’t always match the purchase price at CVS. I wonder if the computer uses the regular price?

    • Rivka,
      It depends on what cashier you get. If it’s B1G1 they are supposed to override the price and put in what their current price is. Some of them do this, and some just let it ring through for the full price.

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