Reader Score: Toy Haul from Target’s 75% Off Clearance Sale

Wow! Look at how well one KOAB reader, Chava from St. Louis, did at the Target 75% off toy clearance.

She got $70 worth of toys for just $18.18. Chava scored everything on clearance – ranging from 30% – 75% off. The most she spent on anything was $3.74 for an Eric Carle Matching Game; her least expensive items were the water guns at $0.68.

I also hit my local Target just to see what they had… and happened upon the motherlode of “boys” toys. I blew through $75 – which is a *lot* for me to spend on one shot at Target, but I got $329 worth of toys. And I won’t have to restock my gift tub (which probably needs to graduate to a bookshelf at this point) for at least another two years!

If you didn’t find that your Target had marked down their toys from 50% to 75% off yet, you might want to check again this morning. Most do their mark-downs on Thursdays (although some do it on Fridays), so this might be your lucky day!

Did you hit up clearance at Target? Send me your “score” so I can share it with the rest of the KOABers!

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