Reader Tip | K-Cups for $.18 Each at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Thanks to reader Marissa for sending me this hot tip via email last night.

I just wanted to share with you and your readers that Bed Bath and Beyond is having an amazing sale on the Fall variety pack of K-cups (apple cider, hot chocolate, cappuccino and pumpkin spice).  They were just reduced an additional 50%, now 9.99.  With a 20% off [any one item] coupon, I snagged 44 K-cups for 8.00!

You can find the coupons in your weekly Sunday paper. Or when you sign up for their email  list, you’ll get one as well. Bring in a few coupons to really stock up!

And here’s another tip: The 20% off coupons never expire. They have an expiration date, but Bed, Bath & Beyond will take them pretty much forever.


  1. Karen Kline says

    Are they all kosher?

    • Per Stu and the FB wall, the cocoa ones are not hechshered. And I didn’t realize this, but apparently the boxes come with an even mix of all four flavors – so your per price won’t be as good if you give those away! Sorry 🙁

  2. FYI – the cafe escapes don;t have an hechsher, unless they changed.

  3. The box I got had only 10 each of the cider and hot cocoa and 12 each of the 2 coffee flavors. So even if you only keep the coffee, it’s still only 0.33 each… not too bad.

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