Recycle Your Old Board Games, Earn 10 Recyclebank Points!

Is your game of Sorry! looking, a little… sorry?

Or maybe the Cavity Sam in your game of Operation looks like he needs to take a trip to the ER!

Whether you’re missing some money in your Monopoly game or letter tiles from the Scrabble game, it may be time to replace that worn-out (i.e. too well-loved) game with a brand new one.

Lucky for us, Hasbro’s Great Games Trade-In is here to make recycling and upgrading games easy – and even profitable.

Throughout the month of September, visit to print up to $83 in coupons, as well as prepaid shipping labels to easily recycle your old games, courtesy of Hasbro and Recyclebank.

Just click on the Red Go button on the Recycle Old Games graphic.

Plus, when you pledge to do so, you will get 10 points added to your Recyclebank account! The 22 Great Games Trade-In coupon offers can be redeemed at mass merchandise retailers nationwide through October 9.

This is perfect timing for me, since a declutter of the basement is at the top of my to-do list. And yes, our Operation game is definitely in need of some plastic surgery.

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  1. Miriam in savannah says

    I’m not exactly understanding this. I clicked on the link for the trade-in, and I guess you get points in recyclebank, but that doesn’t effect future hasbro purchases per se, right? There just happens to be coupons simultaneously for buying hasbro games at the moment. Am I right? It’s not exactly a “true trade-in” like toys r us does where you bring in a baby item and get a discount off your baby item purchase . . .

    • You are correct, Miriam – it’s not a trade-in program, it’s a recycling program. Sorry if this was confusing!

      • Miriam in savannah says

        no worries, mara. this was confusing marketing — probably intentionally, but thanks for letting us know about it in any event!

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