{Reminder} Get a FREE Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses from Coastal.com

Hey friends, I just got an email from a reader who took advantage of this offer when I posted about it last week.

Her review of Coastal Contacts‘s free pair of glasses for men, women or children was so glowing that I just had to repost!

Here’s what L had to say:

I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased a pair of glasses from Coastal.com fter seeing the promo code you posted last week (first pair free). They arrived today and I am really pleased! They are quality (Guess brand) glasses, they fit just right (I used the try-on feature by taking a picture of myself using my webcam, and gauged the proper size by checking my old glasses’ measurements using their instructions). The shipping was about $17, and I did have to pay $29 extra for special thin lenses since I have a high prescription, but the total price of about $47 was still a good bargain. My husband and I are in chinuch, so money is very tight, and I am really grateful to you for helping us find bargains like this one.

To get your FREE glasses, you’ll need to use the coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout.

This coupon code covers standard lenses, so there is an upgrade for coating and/or higher index lenses.

The national average for shipping charges are $13 — and if they don’t fit, you can return them for FREE too.

You will need your prescription and it’s a good idea to know which lens width looks best on you. This number can be found on the side arm of your current glasses – or you can go to the store, try on some glasses and get a sense that way (that’s what I did).

My husband’s everyday glasses are from Coastal Contacts and we’ve been very pleased. Even as a back-up pair, at $13, you really can’t miss with this one.

Again, if you need super high index lenses (like I do), you will pay for that upgrade. But the cost still works out to be far less than what I pai at even Costco for new glasses.

One last tip: Coastal Contact’s stock changes over quickly — and their frames do sell out. So, don’t leave a pair in your cart for a few days while you think about it. It’ll be gone once you decide to order (she says from personal experience).

Order a free pair of glasses from Coastal Contacts HERE.

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