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In case you missed my earlier post, I wanted to remind you lovely people that Kosher on a Budget has a new RSS feed.

If you only ever read the blog in your email, by clicking on a link in Facebook, or by going directly to the blog, this does not affect you!

Until recently, I had been using FeedBurner – a free service from Google – to create the RSS feed for those of you who subscribe this way.

But then, as loyal Google Readers know, Google killed the Reader last month. And the writing was on the wall.

The uncertain Feedburner future led me to choose a new RSS service — and it’s called Feedblitz.

Now what all of this means to you is that in order to continue seeing all of Kosher on a Budget’s content in your preferred RSS subscription manner, you need to resubscribe to the KOAB RSS feed.

Perhaps you’ve seen this ominous yellow box already and turned away?

We've Moved. Update Your Reader Now.

It’s actually really quite simple – and super fast – to make that box go away and come back to KOAB content.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Just click the link the blue hyperlink text right below “The feed has moved to”.

Resubscribe to RSS feed

  • You’ll see a compilation of my feed, with this box on the top right.

Subscribe to RSS

  • Click on the white subscribe box.

Suscribe via Feedly

I selected Feedly (top option on the left) since that’s the service I’ve been using since Google Reader went away – and omgah!, I love it so much! But you can choose whatever you want – it’s all good.

These few quick steps need to be done immediately – as in, right now – in order to continue accessing KOAB in a reader.

Fortunately, my feed hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just “hiding” behind that big yellow box. As soon as you subscribe to my new feed, you’ll see all the content you’ve been missing.

Thank you – I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience, but I wouldn’t have done this if there was any other way to protect my feed from inevitable extinction.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

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