Review & Giveaway: Sweet Emmie Bowtique

Several weeks ago, I cooked up a delightful giveaway plan on Twitter with a reader and friend, Jessica Zalkin.

You see, Jessica is the fantastically talented bow and hair accessory designer behind Sweet Emmie Bowtique. And I am the mom of a little girl with long, wavy hair, just begging to be accessorized.

So not only did Jessica offer to custom-make a bow for my little girl, but she also wanted to give my readers the opportunity to WIN a $15 gift certificate to Sweet Emmie Bowtique.

(Jessica’s prices are so reasonable that $15 will more than cover the cost of two larger bows – or several smaller clippies or hair accessories of your choice.)

But before we get to the giveaway, I *must* tell you about Jessica’s incredible handiwork.

And generosity. Jessica sent me not just one adorable hair clip, but three! And she sent me a funky orange headband, which lets me mix and match the whole ensemble to a level of cuteness that could make you weep.

When the package arrived – just days after we had hatched this plan (yes, Jessica works FAST!) – I was first impressed with the adorable wrapping. Sure it was functional, but it was also fun. I’m so sorry I didn’t have the foresight to take pictures.

But allow me to describe: Jessica did this amazingly cool thing where she wove the bows themselves into the packaging. And of course she tucked in a few copies of her Sweet Emmie Bowtique business card, which I’ve already handed out to several moms I know!

Inside this darling packaging, there were three beautiful, color coordinated, completely original hair accessories.

First, there was a sweet little orange clippie, with white contrast stitching, which is perfect for baby’s fine wispy bangs (but a little too small for my two year-old’s hair).

Then there was the large, multi-knot blow, in striking orange and white with contrast stitching. I love this one – it’s great to adorn a pony tail, but it’s also eye-catching when sitting atop the orange head-band.

And finally, there is this super cool and funky rosette clip, with buttons.

I love this one most of all, as it’s completely unique and doesn’t scream “I’m a girl! I’m wearing a pink bow!” (Of course, if you win this giveaway and you want an “I’m a girl! I’m wearing a pink bow!” bow, feel more than free to go for it! I know Jessica can do that, too!)

  • All Sweet Emmie Bowtique bows and clips are made from non-toxic ribbons and adhesives, which comply with CPSIA standards.
  • Jessica hand-ties and then glues everything with double strength adhesive to make sure it will really hold.
  • Embellishments are also double attached, but of course children under the age of three should be supervised when wearing bows with small parts.
  • Ribbon is pre-treated to make it virtually crush-resistant, even after it has been eaten (non-toxic, but still not recommended), stepped on, or otherwise mauled by a kiddo.

So now that you are all dying to win, let me tell you one more great piece of news: You don’t have to wait…

Through Thursday, August 4, you can save 10% on any order from Sweet Emmie Bowtique when you use the promo code KOAB10. And since Jessica knows how much us KOABers love FREE shipping, she’s thrown that in, too!

Of course, don’t let that stop you from entering to win a $15 voucher to Sweet Emmie Bowtique. You have several chances to win:

#1. Leave a comment on this post telling me who you want to win a Sweet Emmie Bowtique gift certificate for – eg. “I want to get a Sweet Emmie hair bow for my granddaughter.” This is the mandatory entry – you must do this one to be entered; the other entries are optional (of course, options = more chances to get picked).

#2. Go “like” Sweet Emmie Bowtique on Facebook, and then tell me you’ve done so in a separate comment.

#3. “Like” Kosher on a Budget on Facebook, then update your status to read: I just entered to win a $15 voucher to Sweet Emmie Bowtique from Kosher on a Budget. You can too. Then leave me a separate comment telling me you’ve done so.

Entries on this giveaway will be closed next Thursday night, August 4. The winner will be selected randomly and notified on Friday, August 5. If you can still enter, you can still win.

Disclaimer: Jessica provided me with three custom-made bows and one hair band, and she will provide the winner of this giveaway with a $15 credit to Sweet Emmie Bowtique. However, all my opinions about Jessica’s talent and generosity, as well as pink hair bows for girls, are my own.


  1. Tovah Stout says

    My six year old loves fun things for her hair! These would be great additions 🙂

  2. Tovah Stout says

    I updated my status too! (entry 2)

  3. I want a Sweet Emmie bow for my daughter!

  4. Laurie Horowitz says

    I want a Sweet Emmie Bowtique bow for my daughter Iris.
    She’ll look so cute!!

  5. I want one for each of my adorable nieces!

  6. I liked Sweet Emmie Bowtique on fb.

  7. updated my status.

  8. Tovah Stout says

    I liked Sweet Emmie on facebook! (entry 3)

  9. My daughter would love a Sweet Emmie bow! They’re gorgeous!

  10. I’ll take a hair accessory for any of my three girls! I’ll let them fight it out!

  11. Aw. Thanks for the amazing review! I look forward to meeting all of my fellow KOAB groupies!

  12. I want to get a Sweet Emmie hair bow for my two daughters, ages 6 and 2.5

  13. I want to get Sweet Emmie bows and clips for my daughter. She’s just now getting enough hair to wear them.

  14. I would like to win for my 4 yr old daughter

  15. OMG I’m so excited to see this amazing publicity for my friend JZ!!! Kol Hakavod!! Her creativity is really beautiful, and I wish I could say I have one for my own daughter but my daughter doesn’t like ANYTHING in her hair…

  16. I would like to win for a little girl that I babysit for. She is such a girly-girl, I know she’ll love it!

    {Thanks for posting this for me, Mara. (I can’t figure out how to make the commenting work for some reason on my new computer).}

    The bows are really adorable – thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Michelle says

    I want to get Sweet Emmie bows for my two daughters.

  18. Michelle says

    I updated my status on facebook

  19. Michelle says

    I liked Sweet Emmie Bowtique on Facebook, the bows are absolutely gorgeous.

  20. I would love to win for my 3 daughters!

  21. My youngest girl has almost no hair and is often mistaken for a boy. I’d love a hairbow for her hair!

  22. Tziporah says

    I would win for my daughter. It would be sooo cute! 🙂

  23. Tziporah says

    like Sweet Emmie Bowtique on facebook

  24. Tziporah says

    updated my status on facebook

  25. I’d love to win her handstitched yo-yo hairclips. Thanks for the chance

  26. Her bows are GORGEOUS!!! And so unique. My daughter would love one 🙂

  27. I have two little girls who love hair accessories, I’d love to win some for them.

  28. I want to get a Sweet Emmie hair bow for my daughter! Her hair is finally long enough to start holding bows!

  29. I “liked” Sweet Emmie’s facebook page.

  30. I would buy them for my neice.

  31. I would love to win this for my two daughters, ages 2 and almost 4. Always happy to support a great business.

  32. I would buy them for my 2 daughters 🙂

  33. sara lea says

    I’d love a sweet emmie hair bow for my 3 year old. Thanks!

  34. I would love to win a bow for my 2 beautiful daughters, daughter-in-law and grand daughter….Wait a second!!! Jessica is my daughter and her Sweet Emmie bows are gorgeous!!! Every little girl should have at least 10 to complete their wardrobe. Love You Jess, Mom

  35. Chavi Cohen says

    I love Jessica’s bows and Sweet Emmy Boutique – not only is Jessica one of my favorite fellow alums from our sem days, but the bows are GORGEOUS and I would love to get some for my little toddler who has not so much hair but is a real girly girl 🙂

  36. Chavi Cohen says

    I liked Sweet Emmy Boutique on facebook!

  37. Chavi Cohen says

    updated status and joined KoaB on facebook.

  38. I liked her

  39. I think my Rozie needs to win she is all about the accessories

  40. Lisa brown says

    I liked sweet Emmy boutique on FB. What a fabulous giveaway! Jessica is super talented, and I love her bows. Definitely need some for my girls…

  41. I want to get Sweet Emmie bows and clips for my daughter. 🙂

  42. I “liked” Sweet Emmie Bowtique on Facebook

  43. I want to win for my girls- curls are extra cute wwith girly ribbons among them!

  44. I liked Sweet Emmie on fb 🙂

  45. posted to my facebook feed re KOAB and sweet emmie bowtique (i “liked” both also)

  46. Liat shyken says

    Oh how would my 3 girls love these. A bow really dresses up an outfit. These speak to their fun personality. Love the bows. Thanks for the shoutout. Off to shop…

  47. Liat shyken says

    Liked Sweet Emmie Bowtique on FB. couldn’t be happier to do so.

  48. Liat shyken says

    Updated my status too. Hope someone else buys the bows now. Thanks for the contest.

  49. Well, I only have boys, but I *do* have five little nieces! Count me in!

  50. I liked Sweetie Emmie on Facebook