Rosh Hashana Highs & Lows

How was your yomtov?!

My Rosh Hashana “Highs”

  • Sharing wonderful meals and afternoon walks with my husband, children, parents, and dear friends
  • Getting to daven nearly all of musaf the first day in shul (!) and hearing every single shofar blast!
  • Receiving emails from so many of you that made an easy apple challah or braided a round one – yay! I’m so happy to hear it worked out for you! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Listening to my 9 year old blow shofar the second day, since I missed it at shul (the reason why, incidentally, was my low, see below)
  • Honey tasting! It was so much fun – and my kids especially loved it. Did anyone else do a honey tasting?
  • Still having a freezer full of left-overs, including dessert, challah and side dishes, which gives me a nice head start on Sukkot cooking
  • Being completely ready by 4 p.m. on Sunday – this has *never* happened to me before, but the house was clean, the food was done cooking, the table was set and I even had time to work out! I prepped in a new way (for me) this year – more details coming later today – and I guess it worked. What a great feeling, not to be rushing into candle lighting like a crazy person!

Rosh Hashana Lows

  • My poor six year old was sick, sick, sick the second day. He came into our room at 6 am, saying “Mommy, I think I’m going to throw up” and it was a very rough next ten hours. I felt awful quarantining him, but of course, we were having three families over for lunch, so I didn’t have much of a choice. ๐Ÿ™ Thankfully he made it through last night in one piece, so I’m hoping it’s behind him (and no one else gets afflicted although it looks like my nine year is joining the ranks, too. :()

Anyone else have a sick kid (or self? or spouse?) this yomtov? Hopefully not! How was your Rosh Hashana?


  1. My holiday started way ahead of schedule. The food was coming along nicely. My in laws were getting along (which doesnt always happen) and my husband was being so helpful I could barely believe my eyes.Then we get a phone call that changed everything.We are foster parents and were asked to take in a 2 year old boy and a baby girl over the weekend.I could barely contain myself. I love kids and since I was way ahead what was the harm………oh poor naive me . Our little visitors had been checked out in the hospital and were supposedly fine but they brought a little present with them..needless to say I have a house full of kids with chest colds and mommy might be getting pneumonia.. but dinner was eventually great. Nothing was burned (which I can not lie.. sometimes happens) My older children had a ball with our temporary visitors and once this all passes I am sure I will laugh too and I will be really laughing and not doing the “omg mommy has gone insane” laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ Over all it was exactly what we wanted to happen.. minus sounding like afamily of foghorns everytime we cough.

  2. my kids were sick last shabbos..but B”H all better for Yomtov!
    Now I want to know how you were ready at 4 pm erev Rosh Hashanah?

  3. Our hosts for the first yom tov meal had a sick kid, and another coming down with something. I felt terrible for them — can’t imagine pulling off a meal with guests under those circumstances, but they did a great job.

  4. My 19-month old started teething badly on Shabbos and it didn’t get much better through yom tov – she took tylenol on and off throughout the whole thing.

  5. Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says

    First time in a long time that we had sick family in our home for the holiday. But, one son sick on Shabbat, seemingly better by Rosh HaShanah, and yet home sick from school again today. Another son recovering from a cold but now it looks like allergies. And me, well, not sure yet what to call it, but not good. I appreciate the opportunity to commiserate, but wish us all a better, healthier rest of this week.

  6. rachel steinberg says

    we were among the sick – coxsackie struck here so it was probably a good thing that we were only among family – never made it to shul second day, but thankfully my FIL blows shofar. hoping to keep child #1 away from #2 who is the afflicted one… shana tova!

  7. I broke my ankle this past Shabbos (aka the Shabbos before Rosh Hashana). However, although I wasn’t doing what I had planned on doing for Rosh Hashana (i.e. more davening, going to shul, going out for meals, etc.). It was a beautiful Holiday. My parents came in to help, so I was surrounded by my family. I had cooked ahead, so baruch H-shem, we had enough yummy food. Also, it was amazing to see my community’s cheesed. So many people offered food, babysitting, etc. for us. I had a few friends come over to see how I was doing. We also had someone come to our apartment to blow the shofar for me. So all in all, considering that I had a broken and very swollen leg, I think that I had a wonderful Rosh Hashana. G-d willing we should all have a year of good health and happiness. Shana Tova!!!

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