Rosh Hashana Slow Cooker Recipe | Coffee Braised Pot Roast



Looking to make your life a little easier during this harried season of chagim?

Slow cookers can save a lot of sanity, time, money and even heat in the kitchen. If you are leaving yours on, here’s a fairly simple and exquisitely delicious recipe for coffee braised pot roast.

I shared this recipe last year, but it’s good enough to bear repeating. As for side dishes, I served mine with roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots, but it would also be great with a rice or quinoa pilaf.

Will you be using your slow cooker for your Rosh Hashana cooking? What will be in yours?


  1. You browned it frozen? Does that work out ok?

  2. I love the idea for yom tov BUT how do you work out cooling it and slicing it if you want to use it soon after returning home from davening?

  3. I’m going to be making the tangy spiced brisket from Smitten Kitchen. Super easy and delicious.

  4. Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says

    Did you cook your vegetables in the crock pot with your meat? If you haven’t, do you suppose it would work?

  5. I’m a novice roast maker…Is there enough liquid in there?

  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I made this for Rosh Hashanah and it turned out AMAZING!!!! And it was so super easy, I couldn’t believe it!

  7. Would this work in a regular oven? I don’t have a slow cooker.

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