School Supply Deals: Staples 1¢ Sale

If you’ve got kids, you know the joys of back-to-school shopping. You also know the price gauging! I got my soon-to-be 1st grader’s school list a few weeks ago and I fuh-reaked out. There were more than 20 items on the list, and the teacher had specified color, brand and type on almost every single one!

If you are similarly worried about sticking to your budget for school supplies, take solace: From mid July through mid August, you can find school supplies for free — or nearly free — if you are willing to do a little work. By work, I mean checking out the circulars and shopping at more than one store. (That’s the thing about coupon and bargain shopping — it does take a little more effort and time. It doesn’t have to take over your life, but it’s not necessarily just a 20 minute in-and-out at Target.)

So, here are some of the deals I’ve spotted so far:

Free after Extra Care Bucks 5” scissors and ballpoint pens, which I told you about on Friday (scroll to the bottom of that tome of a post for the details.)

$.01 two-pocket folders and/or yellow pencils, which you can pick up this week at Staples! The penny price requires a minimum purchase of $5. You can also get a ream of paper for just $.01 after rebate. The purchase price is $4.99 but Staples will send you a rebate check for $4.98, making your total cost just a penny.  Rebates are super simple to work at Staples: You  just purchase the item, hop online to complete the rebate form, and then, within a few weeks, get your check in the mail. Check out all the details in this week’s Staples Ad Preview.

Have you seen any screaming good deals on school supplies? In addition to Staples and CVS, be sure to watch for back-to-school specials at Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Office Max, and Walgreens. Happy shopping!

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