Shana Tova u’Metukah!

Simanim GuideShana Tova.

Like you, I am elbow deep in challot, brisket and honey cake (oh my!).

But I wanted to take a moment before yomtov begins to wish you a Shana Tova.

How are your Rosh Hashana preparations coming? Have you printed out your Simanim Guide yet? I have gotten the most lovely feedback about this — thank you so much!

Your words mean even more because I created the guide myself (I’m a writer, my friends, not a designer. So this was a real labor of love!).

If you haven’t gotten yours yet, it’s my free Rosh Hashana gift to you and you can get it here. Do you have yours printed out and on your table already? I’d love to see a picture! You can email it to me, or post it to Facebook.

(And yes, I did select my disposable plates to match the Simanim Guide. That’s totally normal, right? 😉 )

I hope you all have a beautiful, meaningful and stress-free Rosh Hashana — and that the rest of the year follows suit.

P.S. As I shared on Facebook last night, my second son’s Bar Mitzvah is in less than two weeks! So I might not be around these parts too often until after Sukkot. Your patience and understanding is very appreciated!

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