Shavuot – FREE Coloring Pages & Activities



If you’re looking for something to keep little ones busy today as you frantically finish your cooking for a three-day chag (don’t tell me you’re already done and getting a manicure today… okay?), here’s a round-up of some great free coloring and craft activities.

Ten Commandments Origami from Bible Belt Balabusta

Shavuot Coloring Pages – from

Shavuot Coloring Pages – from Torah Tots

Shavuot Crafts from Challah Crumbs (I’m going to have my boys make some bikkurim baskets out of construction paper)

Floral Shavuot Crafts from Joy of Kosher (I’m also going to ask them to make some tissue paper flowers)

Shavuot Crafts from Chabad

Chag Sameach!!


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