LAST DAY!!! Shell Sheli End of Spring Sale ~ Save 15% Off Site Wide (Including New Maternity Shells)

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Shell Sheli Sale

Today is the last day to take advantage of this great Shell Sheli sale! Thru midnight tonight (6/8), save 15% off everything at Shell Sheli when you use the Shell Sheli coupon code SummersHere at checkout.

Shell Sheli Sale Outfit

In addition to a full stock of Kiki Riki shells, Shell Sheli has also just introduced all-new Maternity Shells after many requests from customers.

Maternity Shells

Shell Sheli has their new “under” skirt collection and a full collection of Linda Leal shells (including in plus sizes) included in this sale.

I recently ordered one of the Linda Leal shells after only ever having the Kiki Rikis. They are a little bit more expensive, but I actually like them so much more! The fabric is more comfortable and I like the fit bitter (they run a bit more true to size, as well). If you’re thinking about trying them out, go for it! I bet you’ll like them as much I did.

Shipping from Shell Sheli is a flat rate of $2 on any order $69 or over — so share an order with a friend if you won’t hit that $69 by yourself. I placed an order last month and was pleasantly surprised to get my order within just three days of ordering. I can’t guarantee the same for everyone – but it does appear that the shipping is quite quick!


  1. I ordered 3 of the Linda Leals from this site and am very disappointed. I’ve been wearing only Linda Leal shells for years and these are NOT the same. In fact, I suspect they are not genuine and are a knockoff. The labels in them are totally different from any other Linda Leal shell I’ve bought, the fit is totally different and the material is much flimsier. I would never order from here again.

    • Mara Strom says

      Oh no! That’s not good to hear at all. I love my Linda Leals – I ordered them in April.

      Have you tried contacting Shell Sheli about it? I’ve only known them to be a reliable and forthright company – I would hope they’d be able to help you, Cyndee.

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