My Shopping Trip: Target Frozen Foods, Again

Yes, I went back for a second trip to Target. That’s twice as many trips to Target as I made all last month! But I had a free hour between drop offs Friday morning and Target’s frozen food section just couldn’t be denied.

Here’s a shot of my second haul of the week, which cost me $49. After gift cards, I saved $76! (You can see my first trip here.) I didn’t have quite as many coupons as the last time, but I’m still very pleased with my results.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Using Target coupons to get 3 free bottles of Up & Up Ibuprofen, 1 free bottle of Up & Up hand soap, and 2 free packages of Up & Up dental floss.
  • Stocking up on frozen fruit for DH’s smoothies.
  • Getting more toaster waffles. Yes, more. I got 10 boxes altogether. My five year is beside himself. I found a few more $1/2 peelies, so I ended up paying $.88/box.
  • Finding slippers for DD and DH – $1.98 and $2.49, respectively (75% off clearance). They’ve been on my need-to-buy-if-I-find-a-good-sale list for a while!
  • Picking up more Bisli snacks – now marked down to $.48/package (50% off clearance).
  • Scoring a 288-ct box of plastic cutlery for $1.48, $2.48 {50% off clearance} – $1/1 Target coupon = $1.48. Beats Costco prices by a long shot!

Did you score any bargains at Target (or elsewhere) this week? Share away!

(Thanks goes to my sweet husband for arranging all my goodies for the “photo shoot”. Doesn’t he do a great job? He’s much more visually organized than¬† I am!)

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