Shopping {A Poem}

This is a guest post by Nita Quint, a 93 year-old bubby who was the original bargain shopper!

I’m going to teach you bargain hunting 101

Listen to me, this is how its done

At the end of the season when everyone is shopped out

Stuff is reduced, that is what it is all about


Enter the store and look around

There is a four letter word that has to be found

Its SALE, its bound to stand out

That means savings, again that’s what its all about


You buy stuff for the winter when its hot

Your dollar will stretch and you’ll get a lot

The price will be half and even less

I assure you, the price will be the very best


As for summer stuff, you buy when its cold

Nobody’s buying and its got to be sold

I bought winter jackets for all my kids

And added hats cuz they needed lids


Whenever I shop, I buy a lot

But does anything fit me? It does not!

It’s all children’s sizes and preteen stuff

The boys are easy but the girls are tough


If one kids doesn’t like what I bought

Believe me – it won’t go for nought

Another kid will see it and it’s exactly what she likes

Somehow or other you hit it just right


If the price is good, there is always a taker

And you end up being a dream maker

They say, this is what my Bubby bought for me

And their friends have a tinge of jealousy


As the girls get older, they get wiser

They might turn me into a miser

As teenagers they like some rings and beads

Right now, its just costume stuff but I can see where it leads


At any rate, this is my pleasure

To get thanks from all of my treasures

I don’t wait to give for a special day

I give when I buy cuz that’s my way


So that’s my hobby, make it yours too

It makes the kids happy, new clothes always do

And when the holidays come they’re all decked out

Again, I say “That’s what its all about”


BubbyNita Quint, AKA Bubby, Super Bubby and Bubby Quint, is well known in her neighborhood for her outgoing personality and quick wit. A 93-year old native of Philadelphia, she keeps busy by going to classes for seniors, embroidering, volunteering for her shul and playing the stock market. However, her biggest hobby is shopping for her grandchildren and Ka’H numerous great grandchildren in Canada and Israel.


  1. Way to go! You are a source of inspiration!!

  2. galileegirl says

    Love you Bubby!

  3. luv your poem! added a smile to my day:)

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