Simple Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls

I’ve long struggled with the best way to make chicken soup. In fact, on more than one occasion, I’ve asked for your advice on the KOAB Facebook wall.

No what I did, my soup just wasn’t consistent. Sometimes it turns out really well – all rich and golden. And other times… it was watery and just meh!

For Rosh Hashana, I decided to give the slow cooker a try for making my chicken soup — and low and behold, it turned out amazing! I actually texted a friend (she’s a master soup maker) and asked her for her advice. So the technique in this recipe is mostly thanks to her.

Please keep in mind that your slow cooker may cook slower or less than hot than mine does, so you  may need to make adjustments.

*I know the whole chicken soup powder thing is controversial. Many “purists” swear that all you need is salt and pepper to flavor your soup. If you can get the flavor you love without the soup mix, go for it! I’ve found, though, that just a tablespoon (or two) can go a long way in helping out my broth!

Have you made your chicken soup in a slow cooker? What’s your method?


  1. SD Spigelman says

    lots of onions, no salt (sometimes I use pupiks which ARE salty) or pepper.
    carrots, tons of chicken/turkey bones (wings, necks, etc), some celery. parsley and dill at the end in a mesh bag. Cook for at least 10 hours.

  2. My chicken soup never came out good until my sister in law shared the trick of putting it up Thursday night, bring to boil and then leaving on low until Shabbos. Need to keep monitoring every few hours to keep adding a little water. I put in standard ingredients, nothing too exciting. I like the nice flavor and extra depth turkey bones add. I put in chicken bones, wings or necks (cheaper and add more flavor). Also I put sweet potato. I like to put in all veggies whole (onion, garlic, sweet potato, celery and carrots).

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