A Special Chanukah Recipe from Israel | Ta’amiyyah (Original Egyptian Falafel)

Gil Hovav is Israel’s leading culinary journalist, Gil Hovav has just released a brand new book translated into English, Candies from Heaven.

In his native Israel, Gil Hovav is beloved as a special national cultural treasure. Now, finally, with this deft translation of his utterly charming story collection that comes laced with 21 mouthwatering recipes, English-speaking readers will be able to appreciate why. Hovav is a masterful storyteller, a born raconteur. An unforgettable gallery of colorful uncles, aunts, and other family member—with food woven through as a lemotif–makes these autobiographical accounts of growing up in Jerusalem in the 60s and 70s read like short stories in the great tradition of Sholem Aleichem: tales told with great wisdom, tenderness, insight, and wit as tart as a bowl of Yemenite pickles. And who wouldn’t salivate over Hovav’s family recipes for sweet sour chorba tomato soup or his Aunt Levana’s eggplant and feta bourekas? Dig in, dear readers, pleasure is served.

I was thrilled that Gil agreed to share a sneak peek from his book with the KOAB community — and this one is perfect for Chanukah. Now I know most of us think of latkes – or sufganiyot – for Chanukah, but Gil has a uniquely Israeli twist on deep fried delicacies: Falafel.

And the best version of falafel, according to Gil, is Ta’amiyyah – the original Egyptian falafel, made from fava beans rather than chick peas.



What’s your favorite non-traditional deep-fried food to eat for Chanukah? Have you ever tried my apple fritters? They are delicious and very quick to make!

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