Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Is Tomorrow! Leave Cans for Your Mail Carrier to Collect

Did you know that one in six Americans is facing hunger, including 14 million children?

I know most of you are in the throws of Shabbat prep, but I wanted to remind you that tomorrow (May 12) is Stamp Out Hunger Day.

Here’s how it works: Just gather up some non-perishable food or personal care items, leave them in a bag by your mail box, and your letter carrier will collect them and help distribute them to food pantries and other organizations around your city.

They make it so easy to give!

And if you are anything like me, you have a few (or more than a few) items sitting on your shelves that you can contribute.

Most of these items we are able to get for free – or very inexpensively – and can easily replace thanks to couponing. Yet for the recipient, these items will be an immeasurable blessing.

This is the perfect opportunity to join the Couponing for Community bandwagon – let’s prove that not all couponers are “extreme couponers”.

Don’t forget to take a picture and update your total on the C4C Facebook page.

(This is my total. As you can see, my food stockpile is a bit thin post-Pesach still, but we had tons of toiletries to give!)

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