Staples: FREE 20-pack Duracell Batteries after Staples Rewards + More

Wow, I’d say this is worth a trip to Staples this week.

Through April 2, you can pick up a 20-pack of AA or AAA Duracell batteries (limit 2) for FREE, after Staples rewards. Unlike Easy Rebates, you will be earning Staples rewards – which are like CVS Extra Care Bucks, in that they are good only at Staples.

You must be a member of Staples rewards, which is free to join – just do so in the store if you’re not already a member. The deal is only valid in the store. Limit 2 per customer per week.

While you’re at Staples, they also have a number of other great $1, $2, $3, and $5 deals, including:

  • 1 ream of Hammermill Copy paper – $5.99 – $4.99 in Easy Rebates = $1
  • #10 envelopes, peel-and-seal, 25-pk – $1, regularly $4.99
  • Staples-brand dry erase board eraser – $2 (my kids need these on their school supply list, and this is a great price)
  • 11×17 dry erase board – $5

Check out the rest of the sales in their ad here. Limit 2 like items per customer. Valid only in store.



  1. Can you explain a little more about how Staples rewards works? You buy the batteries and then how do they become free? They deduct the amount from your bill?

    • No – it’s not deducted from your bill. They send you a “check”, good only at the Staples, when you have earned at least $10 in Staples Rewards at the end of each quarter. Like ECBs at CVS, you can only use this check at Staples. But you spend it on anything online or in the store – even rolling it onto items that also have Staples Rewards – meaning you have virtually no out of pocket after the first transaction. Here’s more information:

  2. Also, I think this rebate may be over based on this blog post:

    • There was a rebate that ended on March 1. This, however, is a *new* rebate. The form that my husband picked up at Walmart is most definitely valid right now. See my post for the dates.

  3. thanks mara, i just went and bought them! annoyed i forgot my coupons for 50% off binders. i couldn’t get them!

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