Starbucks Buy One Get One Free Deal

Yum! Starbucks just released a Buy One Get One Free deal for its holiday drinks. Anybody know which of these are kosher? (Have you heard of this site? Kosher Starbucks? Looks like about half the holiday drinks are on the non-kosher list. I’m hoping the peppermint hot chocolate is O-K!)

The deal is good from November 18 – 21 from 2-5 p.m. Coffee date?

{Update: Here’s a link to an article on the O-U website about what’s hechshered at Starbucks and things to look out for.}

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!


  1. Moshe Cohen says

    I don’t think the Peppermint Hot Choc is kosher. there choc is not kosher.

    • Oh sad day 🙁

    • Mara, it looks like the site that you are relying on would say that the peppermint hot chocolate IS kosher. The site says that hot chocolate is recommended, and it also says that Peppermint Mocha Twist is recommended. That sounds like a good sign–both the hot chocolate and the peppermint syrup are acceptable.

      • My husband has a friend who is a mashgiach for the O-U. I’ve asked DH to call him to get a definitive answer. The power of suggestion is strong… I want the hot chocolate now!

  2. Okay, next question. When I click on the link, I do not get a coupon; I only get a description of the offer. Is there a coupon that I am missing?

  3. Nope- no printing necessary. Just show up b/w 2&5. I will change the language from coupon to deal. Thanks!

  4. Mara, I am new to your site. A friend of mine told me about it because I was asking about making my own red sauce. I am surprised to see that you buy coffee at starbucks! I also love the mint-chocolate combination, and have found that it’s infinitely cheaper to brew my own coffee and add either coffeemate or international delight chocolate-peppermint creamers. It still fulfills my craving and this is coming from someone 8 months pregnant! 🙂

    • LOL, don’t worry Rivka. My frugal cred is still in tact! The last time I was at Starbucks was my birthday — and I was treated! But this BOGO coupon might make for a nice and frugal afternoon date with my husband, dontcha think? 😉

      Glad to have you as a reader. Did you find the red sauce post? We are really loving making our own!

  5. Oh! Oops, I see that you are not talking about coffee, but rather mint hot chocolate. How much more so, can you make your own hot cocoa, instant or from scratch and add mint extract?

  6. It’s posts like these that make me salivate after converting to only eating chalav yisroel. (Soy Milk is not the same!)

  7. It won’t solve the chalav yisrael issue (sorry Eli), but Nestle has a kosher mint hot cocoa mix. They were on sale last week at Shop Rite. Three boxes (ten bags each) for $3.00. With a bit of real milk added, they are delicious.

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