Sukkah Decoration Tutorial: Hanging Bead & Mirror Chains

bead and mirror chain for sukkah

This is a guest post by Esther Ottensoser.

If you’re looking for a sukkah-decorating idea that’s a little more creative than the classic paper chain, here’s a simple yet elegant project to try.

This sparkly mirror and bead chain idea is easy, inexpensive and will most definately make a big impression in your Sukkah.

You can either hang them as individual strands from the ceiling/schach, or drape it as you would any chain. Though small, the mirrors will cast reflections and shadows throughout the Sukkah making this a most striking decoration.

bead and mirror chain for sukkah - close up


  • Clear thread
  • Beads
  • Small mirrors ( I used 3/4” round available in craft stores)
  • Glue gun

bead and mirror chain multicolored


Cut thread to desired length.

Thread some beads onto the clear thread. After every couple of beads, use your glue gun to attach a mirror.

Glue a second mirror to the back of each mirror (optional).

Continue alternating beads and mirrors in a pattern until the chain reaches desired length.

Tip: For easy storage tape the end of the thread inside a closet.

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Esther Ottensoser is a food stylist whose work is featured in various publications. Whether it be party planning, marketing a product, party favors, demos or crafts, Esther takes the simple basic everyday products and transforms them into that extraordinary presentation. For more creative ideas visit her blog Esther O Design.

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