Sukkot Giveaway #1: Chag Sukkkot Sameach Sukkah Banner

This week, I am excited to be hosting three quick give-aways in honor of Sukkot. Each sweepstakes will close on Wednesday night, with the winners of all three being announced on Thursday morning.

The Sukkah Project was so pleased with the KOAB response to the earlier sukkah banner giveaway (and to that awesome 5% off coupon code) that they offered to give away another banner to one lucky reader! Wow!

This gorgeous Chag Sukkot Sameach Banner will surely enliven any sukkah!

By renowned Israeli artist Baruch Nachshon (2008), the banner envisions Chag Ha’Sukkot in the age of Moshiach. (Retail value: $60.) The banner is printed with the latest silk-screen and dye sublimation techniques on colorful, weather-proof nylon fabric, and comes with dowel pockets with dowels for hanging.

If you would like to add this gorgeous banner to your sukkah, simply complete the instructions on the Rafflectopter below. The first entry is mandatory: Tell me what one person – past or present – you would invite to a meal in your sukkah. The other entries are optional – but the more you enter, the better your chances are of winning!

(If you are viewing this post in your email, please click through to the blog to enter the giveaway.)

Disclaimer: The Sukkah Project will provide the banner to the winner KOAB reader. I was not otherwise compensated for running this giveaway.


  1. We moved recently, so if I could invite one person, it would be one of my best friends that we moved 2000 miles away from. Her daughters are my daughters’ best friends and we all miss the whole family.

  2. I’d invite Moses. I’ve got a lot of questions I’d like to ask him!

  3. Chavelamomela says

    Moshe Rabeinu

  4. Just as an aside, a teacher asked her class this question, but instead of saying “past or present,” she said “living or dead.” A student answered, “Of course someone alive.” I would invite my grandmother and father, both OBM, so they could see my children, would love to have any of the ushpisin (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David) (and guest), and I would love to have Gilad Shalit.

    Diane – which Camp Ramah did you go to in ’72-73?

  5. I’m just looking forward to being able to invite guests – we’re getting our first sukkah!

  6. my sis in law, can’t wait for her to come 🙂

  7. I wish my sukkah was big enough to invite my whole extended family!

  8. I would love to have Yaakov Avinu and Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky – our Baby Y is named for them.

  9. I would be really happy if both my parents were well enough to join us in the Succah. There is still plenty of time for Moshiach to come and heal all that need healing.

  10. Brooke Weiss says

    I just found your website through a friend on Facebook last week. I absolutley love it!!! Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the tips and help; keep them coming!!!

  11. My great-great-grandfather. He was a “simple” teacher in Poland and I’d want him to see how large his family has grown. We’d spend the time talking about my very large extended family, showing him the family tree and me asking him endless questions about his life and everything he remembered about his (our) ancestors.

  12. Selena Treister says

    That is a hard question, who to invite. One person I would really like to have come to my Sukkah is my cousin Shelly, who has already been invited. I hope she can make it out here to visit 🙂

  13. my familt
    cuz i live in the midwest an dlive on the east coast we dont see each other so often!!!
    the holidays should be a time to spend witht he family

  14. My dad – he passed away 10 years ago when my son was 2-1/2. My son’s bar mitzvah is soon, and I so wish he was here to join us.

  15. I would love to invite my paternal grandmother to my succah. She passed away when my father was a teenager and I am named after her.

  16. I’d invite my mother-in-law. She passed a few years ago but there is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t wish she was here with us!

  17. I would invite my grandparents to meet their namesakes.

  18. My family from out of town.

  19. Jill Sanderson says

    My parents, my in-laws and every relative that I lost and never met! THIS year in yerushalim!!!

  20. Charna Schubert says

    My dad! I miss celebrating succot with him!

  21. My mother a”h and husband a”h.