Sukkot Menu Plan (2012)


If you follow Kosher on a Budget on Facebook, you know that I’ve been avoiding/dreading menu planning for Sukkot. Even though Rosh Hashana went remarkably well, I always seem to get that post-yom tov letdown, in which I desperately want to NOT wash any dishes or fry any onions for a very long time.

Only we have no such luxury. So, alas, I finally sat down and menu planned last night.

Here’s what I’ve come up with for tomorrow night through the end of Sukkot. You will notice that I’m making several dairy meals and also keeping things (relatively) light. Not only does this save time (in the kitchen) and money (at the grocery store), but it also make it far less likely that I’ll gain 5 pounds over the next 10 days.

All of which are good things in my book!

Tuesday, 9/ 25 Seudah Mafseket

One pot chicken & veggies
Green salad
Sour dough bread

Wednesday, 9/26 – YK Food for the kids
(This is just my notes to myself for the grocery store)

Cereal and milk
Peanut Butter sandwiches
veggies & chummus
cheese sticks

9/26 Break the Fast
Potluck with friends

Thursday, 9/27

Pizza & veggies

Friday, 9/28 Shabbat Dinner (just family)

Meat sauce over quinoa
Fresh fruit for dessert

Saturday, 9/29 Shabbat lunch
Out at friends

Sunday 9/30 1st Night Sukkot Dinner (six adults, six children)

Challah with apple butter
Sweet & sour cabbage & meatball stew
Rice or mashed potatoes
Steamed broccoli
Apple pie with coconut whipped “cream”

Monday 10/1 1st Day lunch
Out at friends

Monday 10/1 2nd Night Sukkot Dinner (four adults, three kids)

Creamy Spinach Enchiladas
Spanish rice
Pico de Gallo
Homemade ice cream sandwiches
(How funny – I just looked at last year’s menu and realized I made the same thing! I must be a creature of habit!)

Tuesday 10/2 2nd Day Sukkot lunch (Five adults, four kids)

Challah and spreads
Make your own Salad bar
Broccoli quiche
Mushroom quiche
Roasted sweet potatoes
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Homemade apple cider

Wednesday – 10/3

??? My husband and sons are going out that night, so we’ll probably just have something quick like left-overs or sandwiches in the sukkah before they leave

Thursday – 10 /4

Pizza & veggies

Friday, 10/5 Shabbat Dinner (4 adults, 9 kids)

Red pepper soup
Lemon garlic kabobs
Braised greens
Homemade curly fries
Apple pie with coconut whipped “cream” and pareve ice cream

Saturday, 10/6 Shabbat Lunch
Out at friends

Sunday 10/7 Shmeini Atzeret Dinner

Barefoot Contessa’s Chicken Chili (thanks Andrea!)
Roasted sweet potatoes
Honey cookies, fresh fruit
Homemade apple cider

Monday 10/8 Shmeini Atzeret Lunch

Red pepper soup (double portion from Friday night)
Slow cooker honey sesame chicken
Steamed rice
Roasted carrots and fennel
Chocolate something (?) for dessert

Monday 10/8 Simchat Torah Dinner

Bagels & cream cheese
Chopped salad

Tuesday 10/9 Simchat Torah Lunch

Left-over potluck with friends

Have you finished your Sukkot Menu Plan? What are the highlights? Anyone else making dairy? Or keeping things on the lighter side?


  1. In doing Asian one night. Sushi salad, egg rolls, and Asian coleslaw.

  2. what is your recipe for creamy spinach enchiladas? sounds interesting.

  3. Mara,
    Would love the recipe for spinach enchiladas and as well as the recipe for Sushi Salad (Dassie)
    Gemar Chatimah Tova

  4. We will no doubt also be making a lot of dairy meals. The budget will be insanely tight after RH!

  5. Enchiladas are a wonderful idea!

  6. I would love the Sweet & sour cabbage & meatball stew recipe. I always want to make stuffed cabbage but never get around it – this sounds quicker and easier!

  7. Chani Rosenblatt says

    Mara, what is your recipe for the meat sauce over quinoa? I was showing the menu to my husband and he said that it sounded really interesting (and he isn’t one to try new thing). Thanks

    • Oh gosh, it’s pretty straight forward. Just sautee onions, a bit of grated veggies if you want, and then the meat. Add tomato sauce and a few splashes of dry red wine. Cook down and then serve like a meat sauce on pasta, but do so over quinoa rather than noodles.

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