Swagbucks Social – Refer Your Friends, Earn What They Earn This Thursday

Swagbucks is hands down the fastest, easiest and all around best way to earn online.

You simply earn points for searching the web using Swagbucks – and then you use those points to buy all sorts of rewards, including – my favorite – Amazon gift cards.

If you aren’t yet signed up for Swagbucks, do so today and you’ll get 100 bonus Swagbucks when you use the code JUNETASTIC.

That’s 70 bonus bucks + 30 bucks that everybody gets started with for registering.

A $5 gift card at Amazon “costs” just 450 Swagbucks – so you’ll be almost 1/4 of the way there just for signing up!

Plus, once you sign up, you get your own handy referral code (like mine that I used above – thank you!) – which you can share with all of your friends. And when they sign up… you earn what they earn by searching the web. They search for Kosher on a Budget on Swagbucks and earn 10 ‘bucks… so do you!

Better still, this Thursday, June 28th, Swagbucks is hosting a Summer Social – a day where ever referral you’ve gotten between 6/20 and 6/28 will earn your matching Swag Bucks on everything they earn during the social. Not just web searches, but everything!

You can earn a bonus 1000 ‘bucks per referral on just that day alone. Hello Amazon gift cards.

Sign up for Swabucks HERE, enter the code JUNETASTIC to get your bonus 70 ‘bucks (+ standard 30 ‘bucks for signing up), grab your referral code and start earning free gift cards!

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