Crafty Friday: How to Make Penny Napkin Ring Holders

I am thrilled to welcome food stylist¬†Esther Ottensoser for this incredible guest post today on how to make penny napkin ring holders. If you love Esther's idea as much as I do, please PIN IT. My philosophy is that every celebration should include … [Read more...]

Leave it to Martha… Chanukah Round-Up

Chag Orim Sameach. Happy Hanukkah! Our kids are so excited to light their candles in a few brief hours. Our five year-old has informed me that, "Five years old is definitely old enough to light your own chanukiah WITHOUT help, Mommy!" We shall … [Read more...]

Easy and Frugal Chanukah Craft Ideas

Hey friends, I've got a guest post up at A Mother in Israel's blog this morning about easy and frugal Chanukah craft ideas. I share a round-up of great ideas from around the web, and I even make a plug for my own original way to fill sufganiyot with … [Read more...]